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Clans names and their role in creating a positive self esteem.

I have observed with interest people's contributions on the history of their clan names on the projects wall. It is said that it is important for a person to know his or her own past in order to be able to make proper plans for his/her future. Knowing oneself contributes to a positive self esteem. A positive self esteem helps one not to become a victim of negative peer pressure. As it is normally said, South Africa is a country of diverse cultures and that is exactly what makes us to be called a Rainbow nation. Knowing oneself leads to good and responsible citizenship. A nation or a tribe that does not see the importance of its history fails to learn anything from their past and thus remains poor and un-progressive. I am a Xhosa of Khoi origin. My clan name is Sukwini. The origin of AmaSukwini is the same as that of AmaGqwashu and AmaNqarhwane. There were various tribal groups that belonged to the bigger nation of the Khoi, but the above mentioned clans belonged to a group called the Inqua under the leadership of chief Hinsati (or Hinsabe). This Hinsati was described to Jan Van Riebeeck as “the greatest and mightiest of the.. Hottentot race (and) the highest lord of the Hottentots” (Peires, J.The House Of Phalo,  quoting A.J. Boeseken’s)

It is further said that AmaSukwini were “possible the royal clan of Hinsati’s Khoi kingdom… and that Sukwini was the general and great councillor of Hinsati, and Chwama was Hinsati’s son”. (
Peires. J. p , Qouting A. Kropf (1889), p 4)

The following are my praise-names (izithutho):

Hinsati,  Chwama, Sukwini, Dibashe, Sandlalangca, Lubisi, Nkomo-zibomvu, Ngcukana, Lawu. (S. Moti)

Posted: October 19th 2010 10:49

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