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my holliday and plans for the next term

my holiday and for the next term

my next holiday am going to it grahamsown with my plans is to work in festival when it is.when i resive that monye am gonna buy some clothes for my self

By: Ayanda Yonta on April 8th 2014 02:41 [0 comments]

the next holidays

the next holiday

in my next holiday i would be out of town my holiday i will it in Port elizaberth.where my family already have friends there.with my friends we will go to the sea we swim we do evryething we want to do.we play my playstation when we are done we go out side to play soccer.and my plans is to go out to see many things we are not nkow

By: Ayanda Yonta on March 25th 2014 02:16 [0 comments]

my best day at school so far in 2014

my best day at school

my best day at school was on 14 of febury it was velentines day.i realy injoy that day because i was wearing red and white.we were taking with others. we were shering somothings some love.and we were celabrathing month of love

By: Ayanda Yonta on March 11th 2014 02:13 [0 comments]

valentines day

valentines day is is on 14th is the most important school we wear for it.this month is lovers buy something for some one you in love with him or her, and your famaly some gift.we all resperct this day.I love valentines because you hear new poems and you right yours if you valentines day you right letter for someone you love and you post itin valentise month we share a tears of joy.

By: Ayanda Yonta on February 25th 2014 01:52 [0 comments]

cartoon about privacy

I see people inside the house.some of them they are fixing the help theme out of the house.End they want to put Security on that house.they take hood from that house to protect them end they destroy the house

By: Ayanda Yonta on February 11th 2014 02:33 [0 comments]

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my role model
I have someone that is my role model aperson that is strong that could speak with many people that are disagreeing with what he says .My role model is NELSON MANDELA a man of peace a father to south african people. A leader of the world .A person that is admired by the nation.The man is a fighter a ...
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Eastern Cape Schools Festival 2011
This year's event took part on 16th & 17th May in the 1820 Settlers Monument. The VSA with sponsorship from the Schools Festival office had the privilege of taking fifteen awareNet learners from Grahamstown East (Benjamin Mahlasela Secondary School, Nathaniel Nyaluza High Sch...
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