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My mum

My mum is the most important person in my life; without her i'm nothing. I love her because she was born me to come on this country to c and be part of Gods creation.  

By: Nozipho Qhekeza on September 29th 2011 10:40 [0 comments]

Q.L.T.C Launch

This launch would be about the childrens who are between the age of 6 years and 16 years who are not educated. And this issue would lead to a crime to those kids who are going up and down during the school time, which is not Ok more especial in these days we live. This issue of those kids would also lead to make our Country and our province also to be the poor of the poorest. I encourage parents to allow their kids to be educated,so that they can be Heros and Sheros of tomorrow.  And also the law state that "EACH AN EVERY PARENT WHO DIDN'T WANT HIS OR HER KID TO GO TO THE SCHOOL,HE OE SHE WOULD PAY AN AMOUNT OF R3000.00 EACH PERSON. "So it's not wise to keep your children at his or her home.This launch ensures that each an every child is educated, that is why there is a law like this. <br> imageexpanded|raUID=752718614665699359|size=width300|

By: Siyasanga Mavonyela on September 28th 2011 02:15 [0 comments]


Refers to an increases of the temperature in a world.
couses of global warming
veld fires
Industrie's fumes
car exhousts
breathe and excreation of organisms
effects of global warming
couses skin cancer
respiratory problem for young old aged
leads to an extinction of organism by lack of water
removal of shrabs and trees defforastation
solution for global warming
replanting trees afforastation
build of dams

By: Manelisi Siyeka on September 28th 2011 01:01 [0 comments]

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