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How to start a support group for Substance Abuse

What does the word Support group mean?It means people coming together with common problems,to learn and to educate. What is the basic principle of a support group?To listen to understand and to give everybody a chance to talk. Topics usually come from the group itself.

Why do support groups fail sometimes,because people are ashamed of attending the support group they are scared others will see them and then tease them about it or you don’t have enough funding to start up a support group,maybe have no monies to buy tea or coffee for the support group as a refreshments.

A little exercise can be played to break the ice before the support group starts the session. The exercise as follows: Introduce yourself by saying your name and what do you like then the next person introduces himself telling the group what he likes then he needs to repeat the persons name next to him and what he/she likes,this is a significant why to break the silence!

The dos and dont's of a support group:Dont's Never judge the people who joins the support group they are their for the same reason as you.

Never come to conclusions why this one or that one has joined the group everyone’s their for the same reasons. Never label people,you are in the same boat as them. Never force people to talk it wilt take one or two sessions before people in the group really starts opening up. Always announce the the rules of the group before you start your support session. Two types of groups are formed a open group were anyone can join and a closed group were you can only join when someones leaves the group.

The Do's-Educate yourself more about the topics been discussed in the group meeting so that you know what to deal with. You don’t have to do everything yourself get people to assist you.

When you start a support group take time to plan look for a venue like a church hall or school venue this is all voluntary no monies involved.

Posted: October 4th 2012 07:12

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