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Imaginary Dinner

My imaginary dinner would be with Bart Baker, Yibanathi Manana, Olivia Blois Sharpe, Mrs. Ples, and Homo Egaster. I think this dinner would be awesome because most of these people won't get along. This would be very entertaining because Bart Baker is a parody maker who is probably very unstable, even in his right mind. Yibanathi Manana is a 15 year old squash player who has funny written on her forehead. Olivia Blois Sharpe is a fashionista, a make-up artist, a blogger and an author. Homo Egaster was a dentist who accidentally pulled out all of August Alsina's teeth. Mrs Ples was a cruel scientist who was never understood by anyone. Lilitha Mankuntsu was a wannabe fashionista whose motto was "fake it till you make it",he was also someone who thought she was the "it" but the only problem is that she didn't have the "it factor". We would discuss important matters such as fashion, science, teeth, sports, music and awesomeness. This dinner would be filmed and viewed on Big Brother Mzantsi because this would be the most dramatic dinner of all time, there will be stand-by paparazzi and all the works. I will serve bread with rama, cheese and french polony, the guests would then connect over a nice cup of water with sugar. Sit back, relax and Enjoy
Posted: April 29th 2015 03:40

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