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Parallel scenes

Taking a walk through my mind

I witnessed a scene that nearly made me blind

I took a step back and confusion was already dancing in my reasoning

Should I jump or should I glide?

Fcuk!!! I can’t let this be the end of the chapter to the scene that is already being directed, acted and screened by those who think they have supernatural forces to dominate and suppress the majority.

Inequality is evident in their scriptures that lack originality

Forcing children of Azania to conform to norms of the society

So! Why should I care about morals when my people are being forced into dancing in darkness?

Intentionally they are left swimming on a mire of confusion.

No rational thinking, no self introspection.


Shattered pieces of glasses are the alibi of the scenes

Acted without being rehearsed because we have different genes

Please!!! Release my people from these scenes that cause usizi.


When the atmosphere is not like a sea breeze

Dysfunctional intellectual section is left to freeze

Leaving hopeless faces glowing with tears

So I wish I could fast-forward these parallel scenez


Posted: April 12th 2011 05:58

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