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Peace Day Song recordings

At 18 November2014 we were recording our peace song at Rhodes university.It was a great time with Terry and the other people who helped us when we record our peace song.We enjoyed a lot and we learn there.The most time we enjoyed is when we were recording our chorus and others were dancing moving around.

When we arrived we sat at a park, we were waiting for Lukas to take us to the recording room.We were so happy because we were taking funny pictures and thats what we enjoyed mostly.We played with Lukas and he is the one who was taking funny pictures with us. We enjoyed a lot playing with Lukas, he is a nice person because were playing funny games with him.He teached us games that we did not know. Games that we did not understand because uf the nice person he is ,he teached us and he made us understand every thing.
Posted: November 19th 2014 11:53

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