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The map of my thoughts

I would like to find out someday what it feels like not having to think about anything, being like a machine that does not have to think about what it is doing, it just simply does what it has been programed to do. It would be akward because humans never stop thinking they just move on to the next thought that that boards their train of thought. One day I will draw up a map of my thoughts and look through it the next day to see how kilometres I walk through my thoughts each day. If all those thoughts were to become non-existant would it affect the way we live, what we feel and what we see, because people may say feelings and emotions are stored in the beating heart but for someone to feel  something that person would have thought about it. The person will also have the feeling planted in their memories to know what it is each time it comes to them. Would not having any thoughts be torture or would it be delightful, that is a question I would like someone to answer for me.

Posted: October 25th 2011 04:46

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