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Why did monks and nuns give up their lives from the outside world to settle into a monastery???

Part 1

It was the year 1880,during the 19th century. In the city of Vienna,Austria stood a big, brick monastery on the other side of the city. It was 450 feet high above the ground, almost as tall as a skyscraper. Written in bronze on the pointy roof of the building was the name Stiff Melk. The monastery was enormous with 35 bedrooms, 1 kitchen,
10 bathrooms and a church at the far end. It was occupied with 35 nuns who spent the day praying and pouring out their souls to the one above. There was the head of the nuns named Mother Morgan. Mother Morgan cared for and loved all the nuns in the convent. Whenever one of the nuns wasn't feeling well, she would call the nun to the altar and pray for her. She was responsible for ringing all the bells for the morning and noon church services and for meal times. The nuns were dedicated to their spiritual life in the convent, and not even one of them complained about anything. The nuns had no private life or any relationships with with people from the outside world. Some of them had been there  for more than ten years of their lives. The oldest nun in the convent was Mother Morgan who was fifty years old and the youngest was Sister Teresa, who was twenty-five years old. Life in the convent wasn't easy, due to lack of communication amongst them. By the end of the year 1880, the convent had five nuns left, out of 35 nuns. There was Sister Teresa, Sister Zelma, Sister Elizabeth,
Sister Marcia, Sister Luella, and ofcourse Mother Morgan. These six nuns carried on with their daily routine for they had made a promise which they would never break.

Posted: October 25th 2011 04:46

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