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Why you should be reading this

If you have decide to read this blog that means that you have reacted to the title, thank you for that. Now it is my job to keep you reading. There are so many ways to express emotions, knowledge, opinion and all that impressive stuff and one of them is writing and it is very important because it is how I am expressing my curent thoughts for you to read. When the importance of writing especially creative writing is questioned it proves that there is absence of clear headed thinking about what is being said.

Comparing the importance of things like science and the importance of expressing creativity is pointless because they rely on each other but it is almost impossible to compare reasonably. Scientists need to express their knowledge and discoveries in a way that most people understand so that they can utilise this useful information and writing is a wonderful solution for scientists. If scientific information was only written in the usual text book format not many people would be willing to read it but if it is written in a more creative and attractive way it is more likely to attract more people. Writers need interesting things to write about, things that might possibly benefit the reader and if writers find an interesting scientific fact they can write about it and make it known to their dedicated readers so that they are aware of the scientific developments in the world.

There are many reasons why writing is important, I am just lazy to mention the other ones. If you enjoyed reading this, great but if you did not, go read a book and we will probably end up on the same page. If I have inspired you to write something then i have succeeded in my mission because that is the reason you should be reading this. So that we can all flood the internet with our ideas, opinions, stories and many other things. So do not be discouraged if it is in your heart express it, keep WRITING and keep BLOGGING. :)

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Posted: March 23rd 2012 05:16

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