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A Interview with myself

Q.what is your dream job?
A.My dream job is to be a social worker
Q.What motivates you in life?
A.I like to study very hard and I don't know the life.
Q.Please describe your family,where do you live?
A.I live in grahamstown in 652 extention 6 I live with my mother,my father,my brother and my sister and I have a big sister who study at mthatha.
Q.Who do you look up to in life?
A.It's my family.
Q.Where do see yourself in 15 years?
Q.What are your hobbies?
Q.What is your favourite sport to play?
A.It is netball.
QWhich famous person would you like to meet one day and why?
A.Bow wow because I like him and I will love to meet him.

Posted: April 30th 2013 11:49

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