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better keep up or you'll be left out

By: Zandile sizani


Believe it or not in this day and age everything revolves around computers. have you ever wondered if the power would go off or computers wouldn't work for a day how it would be...then i bet you get my point.

technology, computers specifically have made our lives so much easier and its constantly being upgraded everyday to improve our lives there are satellites everywhere that connect us to the world so you really don't have to imagine my little scenario. computers have become an intergral part of our lives that every single aspect of our lives literally relies on it..i mean how else would we buy food, or maintain relationships with our loved ones who are not in the same space we're in.

therefore its pretty vital that each and every person gets some kind of computer education i.e gaining the know-how of the basic concepts related to a computer and gaining the basic knowledge of computer operation and the best way to do this is gaining practical experience of using a computer as it will come in handy later in life and increase your chances of getting a job. because if you think about it every job has a computer related need, and also you'll benefit from the inventions done everyday to improve our lives such as the ability to chat or search for anything in this planet. basically technology braodens our horizons you're not only confined to know only the things in your immediate location but have access to anything and everything you want thanks to technology, computers specifically.        


Posted: May 2nd 2011 03:14

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