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depressive work situations

I know it is not good to complain rather one should deal with the matter. What can then one do when you see the situation and you try to bring suggestions for the matter to be sorted out but all your attempts are in vain or fall to deaf ears?

All that I am trying to say is that you wake up early in the morning , eager to work at school or you open school from short September school holidays you again so refreshed eager to work, when you come to school photocopy machines are not working in such a big school like Mary Waters I mean that is frustrating and lead to depression. At our school we've got some few copy machines but the ones that are suppose to be used by the teachers are always not working.

There are many depressive issues many of us are still faced with overcrowded classes where you end up have to mark about +- 200 scripts and you still have to do other school work I mean no leisure time that is why some of us end up abusing alcohol but I do not encourage that. Teaching profession for some of us is a slave work I will never encourage my child to opt for it. No incentive, nothing that encourages teachers, to make things worse we are faced with learners that can do whatever they feel like doing, few have respect for the adults.

It is not like in the olden days, these are few things that I have mentioned there are a lot. Its depressing.
Posted: October 11th 2012 02:29

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