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  1. drugs are chemicals that change the way our body works tobacco,snuff,dagga,alcohol sugarz,mandax,cocaine,acid,and LSD,tik,nyaope even medication like cough syrup and pain killers; as well as everyday household substances like glue,turpentine,benzene,cookink spray and petrol.these are all drugs that people use to get high and can be addictive. Some drugs are legal,like alcohol and cigarettes.but accoding to law,you are only allowed to buy and use cigarettes and alcohol once you are over the age of 18. there are important reason for this.your body and brain are stilldeveloping,and drugs have an affected on the brain and body,teens who use drugs[evencigarette and alcohol] are more likely to have. learning disabilities. mental illness or emotional problems.physical health problems.a full blown. conflict with the law.

Posted: November 2nd 2012 09:47

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