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On my holiday i want to be with my family, why i say that because family comes first.And on my holiday i want to have some fun and be joyful.On my holiday as a family we want to be out and spent our holiday away from Grahamstown.

Our plans as a family we have made a plan of going to East london to see how things are going out there and how people leave in their space.On our way to East london we parked everything we dont want to live anything behind.As we were leaving we made sure that everything in the house is clear we dont want leave the house dirty.

As we go on our trip we were seing somethings such as animals.We were going with our own car.As we have arrived we started at the beach just to make our bodies warm and we were very tired because the traveling was very long.After the beach we had to go to the house and our house was closer to the beach so every time we feel like going we go and swim and have fun with the others.

On our holiday we had sometime just to forget about Grahamstown and it was nice to have some friends.This is a special holiday to me and i will never forget.I will like to go other time just to see everyone.
Posted: March 25th 2014 02:20

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