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substance abuse

There are different kinds of substances that are harmful,illegal and legal.We get substances like booze,cigarrates etc that are legal.Many substances that many people take are very harmful to health and the community.Coca-cola,chips,milk etc are the ones we normally use everyday.Some substances can kill for the very first time you start using them eg;cocaine,when you are using cocaine you sniff it with you nose,when you start sniffing it,it can kill you for the first time you use it.When someone is using drugs you see them having red eyes,tired,brown substance on their nails.Some substances can destroy the health of the animals,people and plants.We have many substances around like cocaine,mandrax,tick,majuana etc.People can help other people who are addicted to drugs by taking them to the private or government rehabs.
Posted: September 17th 2012 02:11

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