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substance abuse

what are drugs?

drugs are chemicals that change the way our body works.

EXAMPLES ARE: Tobacco, snuff, dagga, alcohol, sugarz, mandrax, cocaine, acid and LSD, tik (meth), nyaope, even medication like cough syrup and pain killers; as well as everyday household substances like glue,turpentine, benzene, cooking spray, and petrol, these are all drugs that people use to get high, and can be addictive.


Teens see alcohol and drugs at parties, in their communities, and on TV and movies. There are many reasons why teens take drugs:

  • Peer Pressure: we all want to fit in, be popular, and impress our friends-some teens think drugs are the way.
  • Stress and management: some teens feel stressed and unable to cope. Drugs make them feel calm and help them forget their problems for a while.
  • Boredom: teens who feel alone, or bored and have noyhing to do, may take drugs to give them some ,excitement, and somewhere to belong.
  • Low self-Esteem: teens who are shy, feel uncomfortable in social situations, feel bad about the way they look, or cant make friends easily, may use drugs to try again, confidence
  • Out of curiosity or to experiment.
  • Availability: there are drugs in South African schools and in society generally, and they are often affordable to students
  • Addiction: to avoid withdrawal symptoms once dependent.

Posted: November 2nd 2012 09:43

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