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substance abuse

substance abuse is drug abuse...the way we as people use drugs,the are different drugs in our sicieties such as antibiotics these types of drugs are legal and allowed by the law. so far about drugs we have learnt that they can ruin our lungs and other parts of our bodies cannot function very well beacause of the illegal drugs we take. people that take drugs regularly can end up in jail e.g some steal money from their homes,commit crime,rob people around the streets,can lose yourself dignity,you can die,you can lose your self-asteem you can also become very weak mentally and physically.drug abuse can really damage our souls and it can make us do things that we not suppose to do. and we might end up not going to school being very rude and we can lose our possessions because we will start selling things bit by bit. in nowadays many teenagers are the ones that commonly use drugs because of peer pressure,school problems,family matters,gangsters. and the are different kinds of drugs [illegal drugs] cocaine,tik,dagga,mandrex and many more.
Posted: September 17th 2012 02:11

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