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substance abuse

Sbstance abuse is to over use drugs the grugs you must buy it before you use it like you spend the lot of money for use this grugs the are types of drugs the are many e.g like star, boss, dope, dagga, blunt, hash, boom] the are seven types of drugs that i know some peoples they says they want to keep the stress out some of them they says they hav a problem their homes so thats why they use it nd when you u starte to use it you cannot stop easy but you can stop it some people their hom they like to talk the money without a allow and they didnt ask anything they just talk it even when you wlk out when they see you they attack you and you wont say you dont have a money whatever its is the phone they talk and the grugs when you smoke it your body it change like your eyes was white but now are brown an

Posted: November 2nd 2012 09:46

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