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Newspaper Article

Title-Wedding Day
Name of Newspaper-Zulu Wedding

The Zulu man married the English girl so that the girl could be a part of his Zulu family. I think that the girl loves that man because she was smiling and happy on that day. at that wedding I saw the family of that girl also the family of the man. The mother of that girl was tell the mother of the man something on that day.Those two familie's was so very lovely on wedding day.

The family of the wedding members are so very happy because the bride was so very lovely on the wedding day.Those family they were singing at the day all these poeple were so very happy because of wedding day.The family of the woman they were learning the Zulu song's they were so very in love with those songs.

The wedding members they were wearing a isibheshu,umbhaco and imbadada. Another poeple they were wearing all the thing that they want to wear at the wedding.
Posted: May 14th 2013 11:58

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