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Change your password

Security is an important issue. All awareNet users receive their own username and password. The username is public and consists of the user's name. The password is and must stay secret. You must not give your password away. If other people get hold of your password, they are able to change information on awareNet or destroy your personal and public pages.

You can change the initially given password to a password that you can remember easily. To change the password, click on "My Account" in the submenu. You must first type the current valid password and then enter a new one twice before clicking on the "Change Password" button.

How to choose a good password?

A secure password consists of a series of numbers, letters and capital letters. Try to find a combination of e.g. initials, house numbers, special dates, short words or names that mean something to you and that you can remember. Example: "N"elson "M"andela visited "d"istrict "6" in "2010" = NMd62010.

Title: Change your password
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