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How to Use Wikicode

The following items apply to lines of text. There should be no whitespace before any of them.

==Section Heading==
Use this to divide documents into sections.
Use this to order large sections of a document.
Adds this line to the infobox, rather than the main content of the page. Does not work for talk pages.
*list item
For making bulleted lists (first order).
**list item
For making bulleted lists (second order).
***list item
For making bulleted lists (third order).

The following phpBBCode markup can appear anywhere in the text. Remember to close tags.

[i]italic text[/i]
Italic (phpBB format).
Boldface text (phpBB format).

The following are not standard phpBBCode, but for consistency take a the same form.

[box]multiple lines[/box]
An indented box, for blockquotes, code snippets, etc.
[pre]multiple lines[/pre]
Preformatted text: linefeeds, tabs and spaces are preserved.
[small]multiple lines[/small]
Makes text smaller.

All links are created the same way, in double square brackets with a pipe separating ref/href from the link's caption. If a link points to a non-existant wiki page it will turn red.

[[recordAlias|some label]]
A link to a wiki page.
[[|some label]]
A link to an off-wiki page.

Block Tags

The wiki can make use of functionality and content transcluded from other Kapenta modules by adding block tags to a module. Images, files and video are all embedded this way, as are more complicated objects such slideshows. Any module that is part of a Kapenta installation may provide blocks which can be used by the wiki, depending on the permissions set by an administrator.

Differences to MediaWiki

  • Internal and external links are created exactly the same, in double brackets with a pipe separating [[ref|label]].
  • Kapenta Wiki does not use templates, in their place, we have the infobar, which is by default the secondary navigation bar on this sites template.
  • phpBB format is used to mark up bold and italic text. This is because double single quotes (''italic'' in MediaWiki) are also used to represent the null string in php, and I use that a lot.


Q. Why not just use a WYSIWG editor, like other Kapenta modules?
A. Christoph Sauer explains.