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Courses on awarenet

Quick note on courses - these are where we bundle together materials used for a topic. Videos, worksheets, extra reading, etc. These are arranged such that teachers can share their materials with other awarenet instances using something called the 'swipe' feature. Since courses can be very large (video lectures, etc) they are not shared with the usual P2P mechanism but are exchanged on demand.

There are tools to import courses wholesale from sources such as Khan Academy, but they can also be created manually. For example:

  • Log in as an admin or teacher
  • Visit the 'lessons' section on the top menu
  • Click 'Video lessons (en)'

There should be one course already present, called 'Finance - 08 - Current Economics'. It's just an example. There should also be a form to create a new course, and an edit button to add files to an existing course.

This is intended to be used with a windows or dropbox share etc.

Title: Courses on awarenet
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