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Create a profile

1 Profile Page "My Pages"

Everything on the profile page is personal information about the user. You can give as much or as little information as you like. Be aware of the difficulties in publishing personal content and opinions: It is very important not to publish any kind of secret, embarrassing or insulting personal information as it could - at a later stage in life - become a serious problem, e.g. if you are going to look for a job. Nobody wants to hire an irresponsible person! Further, it is important not to reveal personal information on the internet unless you are sure you have complete control over what will happen to it. Because one seldom has that control, it is strongly recommended that one does not share the telephone number, street address or similar details on this or any other website.

1.1 Fill out personal information

The first step for each user is to fill out their profile. Go to your profile page (click on "profile" in the submenu). You will see your name and your school. Below that information is a little [edit] link next to some other information about you, which is the date and time you joined awarenet, e.g. 2010-07-15 09:44:06, and the group you belong to, e.g. student. Now, you click on the [edit] link.

A new page will open with text fields and titles. You can write something into the text fields, suitable to the titles. With this profile you share personal information about you with the other awarenet users. You can give information about your

  • birth year
  • interest
  • home town
  • your goal
  • your favourite music and books and
  • other interesting things.

You don't have to fill out those blocks if you don't want to share that information.

Please, also fill out your contact details, i.e. your email address and phone number. This information will not be visible on your profile page, but stay private. awarenet needs that information to be able to contact you for various reasons, e.g. security issues or in case you have reported an abuse on awarenet.

When you have finished typing in your information you must click on the button "Save changes to profile". This is very important. If you don't save your text before clicking another link, you will loose your text.

1.2 Upload a picture

Other awarenet users would like to see what you look like. So, take a picture of yourself and download it onto the computer. If you don't have a camera, you can contact your teacher or nearest community coordinator, he might be able to help out. Do not upload a picture of somebody else or a celebrity. You do not have the publishing rights for pictures that you have downloaded from the Internet. Further, keep in mind that you a unique and special person and that a picture of yourself is the best picture that you can ever use.

There is a column on the right of every profile page with a place holder for a personal picture. Under the place holder you will find a little [change picture] link. Now you can choose either a picture which you have already uploaded or you can upload a new picture by clicking on the "Attach Files" button below. You can either drag and drop your picture to the cross or switch to basic uploader, browse through your files and select the picture that you want to upload. After selecting, you click on the "Upload" button. Your picture will be uploaded and will show up automatically on your profile page.

1.3 Write a comment on the wall

There is something like a notice board on every profile page that is called a "wall". One can write any comment one likes on one's own or someone else's wall, but remember: others will read it! The comment can be funny, arouse interest or describe what you think. Be careful with judgments or aggressive comments towards other people. Do not discriminate other people! If others find your comment offensive it will be removed. Click on "Add Wall Post" to write a comment. After typing your comment in the box, click on the "Add Comment" button. Done.

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