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Friends And My Feed

1 Make friends

1.1 Invite a friend

awarenet is a social networking site. A social network is a network of friends, co-workers and/or classmates, etc. On the awarenet site one can create all those contacts.

One has to first find other users on awarenet, e.g. by clicking on classmates in the submenu or by reading the blogs, forums or projects and clicking on the author's name. This is how one can read other user's profiles.

On the bottom right corner of the profile page you can find the title "Make a Friend Request" Below, you can choose - by clicking on the + - if that person is a

  • friend
  • family member
  • scholar or teacher
  • boyfriend or girlfriend
  • penpal
  • teammate
  • co-worker
  • acquaintance or
  • spouse.

You can choose one of the above by clicking on it. Afterwards you click on "ask to be added to friends list". The person will be sent a friends request. If that person accepts, he will appear on the friends list on your profile page.

1.2 Understand "My Feed" and accept friend requests

The page "My Fead" appears every time directly after you have logged in. It is a news page. You can read all about new developments and changes on your friend's personal pages or on shared pages like project pages. One can access those news any time by clicking on "My Feed" in the main manu bar on top.

If you send a friend request to another awarenet user, that request will also appear in that particular person's feed. They will be given the opportunity to accept or to deny your friend request. After clicking on e.g. "accept" the acceptation will appear on your feed.

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