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Internet connection troubles at the Schools in Rhini

Steps to follow when the Internet is not working at the schools that belong to the Rhodes network:

1. Talk to the contact educator at the school.

  • Nombulelo SS: Mrs Rhoxo, Ms Maneli & Miss Lukwe
  • Nathaniel Nyaluza SS: Mrs Planga
  • Benjamin Mahlasela SS: Mr Koffie & Mr Biyana
  • Mary Waters HS: Mr Accom & Mrs Funeka Jacob
  • C.M Vellem PS: Mrs Mene

2. You need to reboot the router. Switch off, then switch on and wait five minutes before trying the Internet again.

3. If the Internet still does not work you need to call either Bradley Canie or Ingrid Sieborger on 046-603 8291 (Computer Science Exchange Office).

Title: Internet connection troubles at the Schools in Rhini
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