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Make A Calendar Entry

1 What is a shared calendar?

A shared calendar is an open calendar that can be used by all awareNet users. Every entry will be visible to all users. A shared calendar is used for publishing open and public events, not for private events or private deadlines. For example, public holidays can be described, special classes can be entered including date, time and venue, or upcoming events can be announced.

2 How to navigate through the calendar

When you click on "Calendar" in the main menu, the shared calendar opens. Visible will be an overview of all days of the month in the main column and of the three upcoming months in the side column. Days with entries are marked in a different colour, and their relative entry can be found below the days' overview. If you wish to see a different month you can click on "Previous" or "Next" or the corresponding arrows, respectively, in the side column. If you rather want to see an overview of all months of the year click on "This Year" in the sub menu. Here. you can also choose to click on "This Month", "Next "Month", or "Today" to see the corresponding content.

3 How to make an entry

To add a new entry to the calendar click on "Add Calendar Entry" in the sub menu. In the following page you must give your entry a title, i.e. the name of the event. You should add information about the venue, and the time the event takes place. Add the times in the following format: e.g. 14:30 for 2.30pm. You can also add the time when the event will end. By clicking on the little black triangles on blue background you can choose from a list, in which category falls your event, so that it can be found easier. After adding the date of the event, which is perhaps the most important information, you can describe your event in the large text field and edit your text by using the little icons on top of the text field. Finally, you can add pictures to the text field using drag&drop after you have up or downloaded them. Don't forget to click on the "Save" button after you have finished typing in all your information. If you change your mind and don't want to publish your event click on the "Delete"button.

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