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Make A Video Gallery

1 Taking Videos

Before you can upload a video you must take a take with a digital camera. If you don't have a digital camera, you can also use your cell phone or borrow one from a friend or contact your teacher or nearest community coordinator. Before you take and upload a video think about what you want to show to everyone else on awarenet. Keep in mind that all your videos will be public to everyone on awarenet, to other learners whom you know, whom you might not know, and your teachers. There is no possibility to show your video to only a selected group of learners.

2 Upload a Video

Once you have decided to publish one or several videos, you must first download them onto the computer to a convenient place that you will be able to find again. Then you must create a new gallery. To create a new gallery go to the video main page. In the side column you will find a box called "Create New Gallery". Click on the + to open the box. Then, you must type a title for your gallery into the text field and click on the little ">>" button.

On the next page you have to describe your gallery in words. What does your gallery show, who are the people, what is the event, where were the pictures taken and why? You can edit your text with the little icons on top of the text field. Then you can click on the "Save" button to save the text before you actually upload your videos.

The next step is to actually upload the videos. In case you have saved your text, you must click on the little [edit] link under the descriptive text of your gallery. On the right corner you will find the box "Attachments". To upload a video click on the "Attach files" button. You can either drag and drop your picture to the cross or switch to basic uploader, browse through your files and select the picture that you want to upload. After selecting, you click on the "Upload" button. After uploading must click save.

You can edit the caption, license, attribution, and source url by clicking on the [edit details] link under the video title. Add your information into the appropriate text fields and click save. You can change the order of your videos by clicking on the link [move to the top] under your video title. You can delete a video by clicking on the link [delete] under your video title. Then, you must click safe again to see your gallery with all the changes.

3 Download a Video

You can also download a video from the Internet into your gallery. Make sure that you are allowed to use the schools Internet connection, so that you do not use up restricted Internet quota. Further, make sure that you are allowed to download the video. Some videos are not freely licensed which means that you have to pay to use them.

To download a video you have to type the video's url into the text field in the same box where you can also upload videos. Then, you must click on the "Download" button. After that, you can treat that video in the same way as the uploaded videos. Don't forget to click safe.

4 Browse through existing videos

You can view all your existing galleries by clicking on "Video" in the submenu. If you click on "Video" in the main menu, you can view all videos on awarenet. You can browse through galleries by clicking on "All Galleries" in the submenu. You can have them sorted by different categories by clicking on the appropriate link above or below the galleries, e.g. [title] [creator] [school] [number of videos] [creation date]. You will be able to read who has created that gallery and what other galleries were created by the same author. Further, you can leave a comment on a video for the creator of the gallery. Simply click on a specific video and scroll down to leave a comment as you would on someone else's wall.

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