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Security on awareNet

1 Member Selection

awareNet is a social network especially and exclusively for learners and their teachers. Every young learner in the world is allowed and encouraged to become a member of the social network, but adults are only given permission to become a member in case they are verifiable teachers.

To become a member of the awareNet network, please contact the Village Scribe Association by filling out the form on the home page. After sending your prove of learner or teacher ship, you will be given your free login details. This procedure secures that no unwanted person can cheat its way into awareNet to infiltrate the network or abuse it or its users.

2 Usernames and Passwords

Every awareNet user receives their own private username and password to login to the network. Login details are handed out directly via email to the new learner or via a verified community coordinator. Login details are needed to access awareNet's pages with personal information, such as names, profile pages, comments, posts, etc. Only selected pages are viewable by non-users to present awareNet's content such as projects, in which case any personal information is hidden.

After receiving the first login details every users is asked to change their password immediately before entering any personal information. Regular changing of passwords enhances security. Passwords can be changed under My Account.

3 Abuse Reports

A social networking site naturally contains personal comments and opinions by its users. We cannot guarantee that no user will ever abuse the network or its users. But we provide a possibility to report about abuse.

There are stars placed next to blogs, forum discussions, comments and posts which look like this:

. By clicking on the star you open a window which looks like this:

This form is for alerting administrators to problems on awareNet. If anything is wrong you can use this form to let the moderators know. Simply use the white text box to write down your concern and send it off by clicking the 'Submit Abuse Report'-Button.

You message will be send to one of our administrators. They will decide what has to be done. They can contact the relevant schools, teachers, community coordinators or learners so that they can follow up the issue. They also have the possibility to delete abusing comments. This procedure secures that abuse is detected early and has immediate consequences.

4 Admins' and Teachers' Responsibilities

As a teacher you have the responsibility that there is no bullying at your school, that the learners are fair to each other, that there is no hate speech, pornography, drugs or abuse at your school. If you are a registered teacher on awareNet, you still have the same responsibility for your learners. There is no difference if you work online or in your class room. Check what your learners do/write/post on awareNet. Report abuse. Follow up abuse reports. Talk to your learners. Teach them how to become a responsible part of the community. Just like in real life. This procedure secures that there will be less abuse in and of the social network.

We expect community coordinators to behave like teachers in that circumstance, and we as administrators follow the same rules. We will do everything to secure that abuse will be detected and results in consequences.

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