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Start your own forum

1 What is a Forum?

A Forum is a place to discuss different topics and matters in public. The topic of the forum is decided by the initiator of the forum. Every user can join any discussion forum on awareNet and add their opinion. Even if you do not join a forum, you can still read the posts. It is therefore important to keep in mind that opinions expressed in a forum will be made public to everyone. Avoid being too specific for others to understand what you are talking about. Explain yourself well. Do not offend, threaten, or lie. Don't repeat yourself or others. Refer to other posts. Make an interesting contribution!

2 Join a discussion

Often, you don't need to start a new forum, if you want to start a discussion. The topic that you might want to discuss is very likely the topic of an ongoing discussion. If you click on "Forums" in the main menu you will get an overview of all the ongoing discussions and different forums. Browse through the forums to see if others are already discussing your topic. If you find a forum with your topic you can join the forum by simply clicking on the title of the discussion. Then, you can read through the discussion posts and see who the authors are and from which school they come. At the bottom of the discussion you can send a reply.

3 Reply to a post

To send a reply click on the "+" in the "Reply to this discussion" box. The box will open and show you a text field. You can type any text into the text field and edit it with the icons above the text field. Remember to be careful with judgments or aggressive comments towards other people. Do not discriminate other people, don't be offensive or lie! If others find your comment offensive it will be removed. When you have finished typing your text click on the "Add Reply" button.

4 Edit your post

You can edit your post any time after you have sent it, simply by clicking on the little [edit] link below your post.

5 Start a forum

To start a forum click on "Forums" in the main menu. Then, you click on "Create New Forum" in the sub menu. Type a title for your forum into the text field next to "Title". Chose from the list at which school you are by clicking on the little triangle next to "School". Add a description of your discussion forum into the text box and edit the text with the icons above the text box. Then click "Save". If you change your mind and don't want to start that forum, click "Delete".

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