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Start your own project

1 What is a project?

A Project on awarenet is also called collaborative content. It means that a person or a group of people can work together on the same project online, but have the possibility to work individually at different times from any computer with Internet access. The topic of the project can be chosen freely, but must not be offending, aggressive, or discriminating. The project can consist of text and pictures. In the future, audio and video files can be used as well. Projects are meant to be educational for the project members as well as for future researchers. They will be stored in the awarenet's database for other users to read and learn.

2 Join a project

To join a project, go to "Projects" in the main menu. The project's front page displays several ongoing projects. You can read through existing projects to get an idea which project interests you. You can work together with other people in your school, at a different school and even internationally to share ideas and safe work, because you won't have to do the same research again. Further, working in a team with foreign learners is an important skill to learn for your future.

Click on the project that interests you to get access to the full project. In the side column you will see the members of that project. If you want to join that specific project, click on "ask" in the box "Ask To Join The Project". The box will open and present a text box with the following text: "Message to Project Admins: Hi! I'd like to join your project. I think it's interesting and would like to participate.", followed by your name. If you like you can edit the text, but you don't have to. Then, you click on the "Make Request" button to send your request to join the project. If you don't want to join the project, you click on the "Hide Form" button. The project administrator has to first confirm your request before you will be a member of the project. His decision will be sent to you in "My Feed", your notifications.

3 Start a new project

To start a project, go to "Projects" in the main menu. The project's front page displays several ongoing or finished projects. You can read through existing projects to get an idea what a project could be about and how to create a good project. Have a look if there is already a similar project to the one that you would like to start. It is more interesting and follows the nature of awarenet if you join an existing project with the same topic rather than starting a new one.

If you can't find an existing project similar to the project you planned, you can start your own project. In the side column of project's home page is a box called "Create New Project". You can open the box by clicking on the "+" and close it by clicking on the dot in the little circle. Type a title for your project into the text field and click on the >> button next to it.

4 Add, edit or move a section of your project

To edit your project you can either open your project from the main project page by clicking on the project title and then on "Edit This Project" in the submenu, or by clicking on the little [edit] link under the abstract of your project on the the main project page. You will only be able to edit your abstract and title. To edit a section of your project, click on the little [edit] link under a specific section of your project. You can change the title, add, edit or delete text, up- and download pictures and drag and drop them into the text box, and edit the text with the little icons on top of the text box. Remember to save your changes by clicking on the "Save Changes" button under the text box.

To structure your project, you can add sections that will appear below your title and abstract. To add a section to your project, scroll down until you see the button "Add Section". Click on the "+" to type a section title in the little text field and click on the "Add Section >>" button. Sections can be edited as projects. All section titles will appear below your project title at the top. You can change the order of the sections by clicking on the little up or down arrows next to the section titles in your Sections box.

5 Add a member to a project

You can work on a project together with a group of other awarenet users. To add new members to your project you have to click on the link [edit] to edit your project. Below your project description you will find the project members list where all current members are listed and the button "Add Members". By clicking on the "+" it will open a text field where you can type in the name. You can determine if that person will be a member or an administrator of that project. Usually, there is only one administrator per project. They have special rights that regular members don't need, e.g. deleting the project. Regular members can edit the project the same way as administrators. Click on the button "Add to project". Done.

6 Add a tag to your project

What is a tag?

A tag is a keyword assigned to a piece of information, e.g. disease would be one key word for a text about HIV/AIDS. It helps describe an item and allows it to be found again by browsing or searching, which means if you would like your project to be found easier by other awareNet members then it is a good method to add tags to your project. Tags will appear next to your project, which describe your project in key words. A tag cloud describes all projects that have been tagged by using larger text sizes for frequently used key words and smaller text sizes for rarely used key words.

To add a tag to your project click on the link [edit] to edit your project. You will find the button "Edit tags" below your project description. By clicking on it you will see a little text field to type the tag before you click on the >> button. You can add as many tags as you like. They will appear under your project and describe your project in key words.

A tag cloud will appear next to all projects which gives you an overview of all topics of all tagged projects. A larger text size means that there are relatively more projects about that specific topic. By clicking on a specific key word in the tag cloud you will see all projects that were tagged with that key word.

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