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9 May 2013 What a tough and spectacular match between Unisa(University of South Africa) and Fort-Hare.It was the game of the year to watch for this was the toughest of all the games we watched in this year.When we got to the field where all of this took place which was in UNISA (Cape Town) all the other teams had already played and this were the only teams left going to the final, and this was the match we have been waiting for, for a long time UNISA vs FORT-HARE.They started slowly but balls were going into the shooting poles,the game was really tough especially for UNISA for they had a lot of competition from the other team, but one team had to win.By the end of the first half the score was already 12-17 to Fort-Hare.The second half started well but as time went by both teams had the same score and were running to shoot the balls. Seeing these teams playing felt like watching two buffalo's fighting for a female buffalo.At the end, the game had to end and only one team had to take the netball trophy home but who was it going to be because both this teams were fighting for it.Finally the refree blew the whistle showing that the match had ended.A loud cry-out came from the crowd of UNISA who had just won their match for the second time in 2 years.The UNISA netball captain said,"I am so happy that we won because we practised very hard for this tournament and we already knew that we were going to win,seeing from the first half i thought we were finished ,but our coach told us why we are here to play it's because we are the UNISA netball team".We also asked the opponent team's captain and this is what she told us,"I am very proud of my team for they have fought so much to get where they got, we came here prepared to play and get to the finals and we did even though we didn't win we are still happy that we got to the finals'.Whew!!!! this was really a tough match but the score ended in 27-34 to UNISA. Written By:Aphiwe Bongwana Daily Sun Newspaper
Posted: May 9th 2013 05:37

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