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Village Scribe Association (international)

ICT4D in South Africa and Europe

Our Intention

To envisage, conceive of, use, and support modern, innovative information and communication technologies to help people in the developing world to become autonomous and financially independent. It is of particular importance for us that all the supported projects are sustainable.


We are a group of people who want to broaden the perspectives of and increase the possibilities for people who have very little. Our focus lies in advancing education of underprivileged people so that they will not only be able to help themselves, but also develop an awareness of their uniqueness and their own possibilities.

Our Assignment

The VSA supports carefully selected practical projects and activities of various agencies that bring marginalised rural areas in South Africa into the knowledge society, which meet our criteria and make use of synergy effects among each other to maximize results. Currently, new projects are initiated and developed using the operating experience gained from past and ongoing projects.

Our Volunteers

Foto_Xenia[171].JPGXenia Baartz
Foto 2.JPGChiara Brendel
David Grenville - Photo.JPGDavid Grenville
Katrin Hamilton-James
IMG.jpgRieke Heitmüller
Antje Hering
photo46660980426522412(1).jpgLukas Hueneke
Phillip Knaak
meike.jpgMeike Krauss
Paula Lambeck
Kim Porträt.jpgKim Niemann
Foto 1.JPGMax Resch
IMAG3491.jpgRooi Rikhotso
IMG_2355.JPGLukas Scharnberg
IMG_20170813_170415_412.jpgAnnika Schneider

Location: Grahamstown and Berlin, international

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