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Good Vibrations

Have you ever wondered why that drum or that guitar makes that sound. Well surprisingly enough they all are derived from one concept and one idea which can be easily explained through the science of music. So sit down and and get that mouse moving as we explore the world and life of music. ... [read on >>]
IMAG3101.jpgvg 6th session - 07images[1]100_2391.jpgall of us
By: Kungela Mzuku, Lungisa Makinana, Thina Mangcu, Babalwa Qaba, Mbali Hlangani, Sarah Hanton
Started: February 7th 2012 04:57
Last Update: November 7th 2016 02:40


Grahamstown rocks!

Who would have thought that some of those awe inspiring creatures, that we usually see on television in movies like Juraissic Park, used to live on your doorstep. Their remains can actually be found right here. Yes I am talking about dinosaurs and other fossilised organisms which have held scientists and other peoples' curiosity since the first fossil was discovered. Locally&nb... [read on >>]
all of us
By: Soqhama Peter, Sarah Hanton, Vivienne Dames, Chantelle May
Started: February 14th 2012 04:37
Last Update: November 7th 2016 02:40

kaolin_South Africa.jpg

Kaolin: The business of culture

The aim of this project is to find out more about Kaolin and its general uses with particular focus on Grahamstown and Kaolin's commercial past and possible future if the mining of Kaolin is renewed.   ... [read on >>]
carter2all of uslouis vuitton kanye west sneaker!
By: Blessings Chinganga, Lelethu Bodlani, Menzi Mkiva, Sarah Hanton, Inga Macingwane
Started: February 7th 2012 04:46
Last Update: November 7th 2016 02:40

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Science - Around the World

Hi Everyone! I have created this project to share with you my experiences over the next few days. Over the past year I have been given so many opportunities and I have taken them the best I can. Basically, in June 2011, I entered my Science Project into the Grahamstown Regional Science Expo. At this expo I came out as the top project along with best project done my a female learner. I was lucky ... [read on >>]

By: Vivienne Dames
Started: May 9th 2012 03:57
Last Update: November 7th 2016 01:28