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African Culture

I am Tingazwa Mhlaba from Themba SDA School. I am the arts and culture teacher in grades 8 and 9.   Firstlly let's talk about culture - What is culture? It is the way we live and the way we do things.Then the influence of other cultures.We have a tendency to copy and imitate other people's culture.What and how we dress.What we eat.How we dress our hair.How we talk, code... [read on >>]
By: Tingazwa Mhlaba, akhona burneli
Started: April 26th 2010 10:35
Last Update: November 7th 2016 02:43

rdp houses

Building Methods in Grahamstown East

Using The Scientific Method   Houses built before 1960 in Grahamstown's Fingo Village have endured although they are made of zinc or mud. Even the brick houses in Joza Location which, I'm given to believe, was built by the municipality in 1957 are much stronger than the RDP (Redistribution and Development Project) houses that are going up - speedily... [read on >>]
picture 6this kills the crabnosipho-silo-22012-nature
By: Thozamile Enock Ngeju, Richard Strickland, Nosipho Silo, Ron Wertlen
Started: December 16th 2009 09:53
Last Update: November 23rd 2011 07:45


Clan Names

South African ethnic groups generally have surnames which are attached to clay important in amaXhosa. We would have a number of surnames thunder theclan. For instance, my clan name is Cethe. There are twenty-nine surnames, that I know of, that fall under this clan name. There could be more. Clan names are important to us because we still observe traditional rituals that we believe are instrum... [read on >>]
picture 6pict31nosipho-silo-21374100_669309260_resized_fresh2def_300100_6518pict0017pict0023mawas-pict0006
By: Thozamile Enock Ngeju, lelethu ginise, Nosipho Silo, nomaxabiso damane, Luzuko Jela, Nolubabalo Ralo, aphiwe gift ndzuzo, Thabang Banga, Gcobisa Mjele, babalwa demetria nquru graham, Aphiwe Mame, Iviwe Kila and 49 others.
Started: August 17th 2010 08:47
Last Update: November 7th 2016 01:49


Equal Education Song

We as the VG AwareNet club have decided to compose a song to promote equal education amongst young South Africans. Have a look at our previous project on Equal Education and pictures of our 'Low Resources Day' It outlines the inequalities between the privileged and underprivileged schools. The aim of this project is to support minimum standards and norms being added to the South Afric... [read on >>]
keri+hilson+2011+nba+star+game+performances+yfxe5rl1ijqlall of usIMAG3101.jpgdownload.jpgPosing for the camera can be fun!n59_nicki_minaj_barbie_hip_hop_lip_silver_large_1vg 6th session - 07me up closeP1010040.JPG
By: Olwethu Tom, Sarah Hanton, Kungela Mzuku, Zimbini Mjandana, Vongai Chindeka, Soqhama Peter, Silubonile Ndungane, Sihle Jacobs, Thina Mangcu, Tina-Marie Kruger, Ncedisa Matanga, Ncedisa Matanga and 36 others.
Started: August 14th 2012 04:57
Last Update: November 7th 2016 01:45

sa soccer ball

Get ready for 2010!

We want to join the fun of the World Championship in Soccer 2010 in South Africa. We all love soccer, but we live in rural areas in South Africa and don't have a TV set. Together, we will find ways to watch games, talk about players, craft fan collectables, etc.  Here is our collection of ideas to be prepared for 2010! ... [read on >>]
polarbear_facepicture 4125108858624
By: Nu Example, Neo Example, James Random
Started: September 30th 2009 06:46
Last Update: November 7th 2016 02:45


Learners` Experiences @ National Schools Festival 2011

Standard Bank held the National Schools Festival for the last time this year, with a mission statement "To enrich the culture and educational life of the youth of South Africa, by promoting an appreciation of the arts as a universal tool of communication and empowerment, and to develop a deep appreciation, love and support for the South African arts industry". The Fest lasted four day an... [read on >>]
pro pic33761_490782465718_787495718_7056853_486892_nall of usawareNet song video shoot - 47.jpgfaith looking hot 2
By: Ayanda Twani, Hannah Godlonton, Motolani Adesina, Jessica Wentworth, Tamani Chithambo, Siyanda Makunga, Krista du Plooy, Sarah Hanton, Anna Wertlen, Neliswa Mamani, Faith du Plessis, Siyamtanda Tokwe
Started: July 15th 2011 04:29
Last Update: November 23rd 2011 08:09


South African Quotations

Sayings, phrases, idioms, proverbs and/or witticisms have original sources. There are interesting phrases that people coin (sometimes unwittingly) when in an interview. You read a newspaper or a magazine article and you come across these. Sometimes a writer is so used to his sayings - or is not quite aware that s/he is saying something spectacular - that he mixes them discretely in his work. ... [read on >>]
picture 6nosipho-silo-2img00210-20110922-1617
By: Thozamile Enock Ngeju, Albert Yovo, Nosipho Silo, Msikeleli Moli
Started: October 12th 2009 09:51
Last Update: November 23rd 2011 07:49


Ways out of Poverty

Poverty is one of the economic issues South Africa is facing. I think unemployment is one of the causes of poverty. When people are unemployed they can not satisfy their needs and wants because they do not have money. The government is doing everything it can to overcome this problem in forms of grants, etc. What people can do is to wake up and do it for themselves. If they do not know whe... [read on >>]
picture 6
By: Thozamile Enock Ngeju
Started: June 2nd 2010 01:22
Last Update: November 7th 2016 02:36


`Alive with Possibility` - a Movie-awareNet-Day on Youth Day 2011

The phrase 'Alive with Possibility' is as common these days as the phrase 'take it to the next level'. But do we really know how to interpret these? Symphonia, an Organisational Change practice has partnered with the VSA and has sent an exciting documentary called “Alive with Possibility” featuring world renowned leadership experts Ben & Roz Z... [read on >>]
picture 6awareNet song video shoot - 47.jpgpict0017img_1808sethinzeimg_1811thando111105_070255
By: Thozamile Enock Ngeju, Anna Wertlen, Gcobisa Mjele, Xabiso Nkata, Sibusiso Matiwana, Vuyolwetu Molefe, Ntsaphokazi Kondile, Xolisa Kopo, Sinovuyo Falakahla, Thandokuhle Qakamfana, Bongiwe Lurwayi, Mcvay Boko and 4 others.
Started: June 10th 2011 08:30
Last Update: November 23rd 2011 07:56