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A Vegetarian Diet Will Protect the Environment

Dropping meat from your diet will help along the way to a healthier environment. Not only will it rid us of much pollution but it is also healthier for the individual. This is because with factory farming, animals are brutalized and abused. Spiritually, by eating these animals, you are eating their misery and negative energy. Physically, you are digesting unhealthy chemicals released by neg... [read on >>]
By: Nikki Skye Allen
Started: July 7th 2010 10:39
Last Update: November 7th 2016 02:36

food garden1

Developing a Food Garden at my School.

Don't these vegetables look beautiful?  This project started in 2004 when we sat down as an environmental committee of Fikizolo Primary School. We revisited our environmental policy which state that in order learners can be able to progress and acquire good quality education, they must live in the healthy environment. We therefore involved the learners in this project so that they can acqui... [read on >>]
imag0085picture 6
By: Ntombise Ngqezana, Thozamile Enock Ngeju, nomaxabiso damane
Started: April 26th 2010 03:26
Last Update: November 7th 2016 02:40

Nombulelo outing100-2929.jpg

Nombulelo Secondary school Grade 9 runners a day out in Grahamstown

One Friday the 25 November Nombulelo Grade 9 learners had the opportunity to have a day out in Grahamstown.They were treated to a delicious breakfast sponsored by Spur each one getting a full English Breakfast and a free drink.After a very filling breakfast we were off to the Albany museum for a Educational talk on different aspects.From were you came from as a human,how the planets were formed a... [read on >>]
IMAG0484.jpgWhat a happy face after a good work out!Shjoe this hard work but Im enjoying it!100_2765.JPGIMAG3516.jpg100_6678At least a little a smile was present!100_2712.JPG100_2644.JPGThis stretch is a nice easy one no strain!100_2881.JPGThe strongest of them all leading the pack
By: Terri-Lynn Penney, Sinovuyo Dyasi, Silindokuhle Mtwa, Sinovuyo Geelbooi, Phumla Baba, Ziphozihle Goje, Sinesipho Gule, Xoliswe Gomba, Xolelwa Ndyolashe, Yonke Mbebe, Lindokuhle Mzongwana, Sinazo Ngcungca and 2 others.
Started: November 28th 2011 09:55
Last Update: July 16th 2012 02:36



NUTRITION What is nutrition? Nutrition is about eating healthy food and balanced diet. We choose this topic because we want to know what would help our peers, who are from poor background just like us and it is also part of Life Orientation. Healthy food and healthy mind! We want to learn about: A healthy balanced menuFood groups in the pyramidWhat happens when the balance is wron... [read on >>]
img_0376nomalunga photos 004img_0374[1]pict0037pict0053
By: Lelethu Helesi, Athule Helesi, Mbasa Ngqawana, Nontekelelo Ngesi, Mandisa Peter
Started: August 10th 2010 10:53
Last Update: November 7th 2016 02:42


Safe Drinking Water

We need to look for the ways of taking care of water in our areas. We cannot survive without water, gardens, animals etc. We need water!  We cannot drink dam water without purifying water.  How do we purify in a location?  Boil water before drinking and cookingPour teaspoon of jik in a 25 litre bucket.Pour kalika powder in drum of water and wait until the powder sinks befor... [read on >>]
zethuimg_0374[1]nomalunga photos 004
By: Nomalunga Limetyeni-Zetu, Siphokazi Piyo, Mbasa Ngqawana, Athule Helesi
Started: August 8th 2010 10:09
Last Update: November 7th 2016 02:40


The Rural Garden Project

Agricultural Science is one of the important learning areas in South African schools. At Thembalabantu High School, we started a programme of dealing with the theory part of Agricultural Science in class and the practical part in the garden. It is a known fact that if a person does things practically, it would be difficult to forget. We targeted the grade 10 Agricultural science class. ... [read on >>]
By: M.K. Masiza
Started: May 16th 2010 07:26
Last Update: November 7th 2016 02:37


We are training for our first cross crountry race!

The inner spirit of running is also different from that of most other sports.It can be competitive or it can be non competitive as you chose to make it.Running may well turn out to be one of the most significant experiences of you're life.Yet it doesn't always seem fun when you first try it.You're muscles may be soft,you're joints may be stiff and you're heart and lungs ar... [read on >>]
IMAG0484.jpgterryupstart-bim third session - 8usi-105.portrait.jpg100_2463.JPGupstart-bim 4th session - 01
By: Terri-Lynn Penney, Claudia Sheriff, Kahla Vuyiseka, Wysow Stanley Simba, Sinovuyo Ngubo, ziyana mfama, Xolela Landu, Ntombikeyise Kayimgam, Siyamthanda Daya, Nosibulele Pinyana, Zikhona Tatana, Thulani Nyikilana and 145 others.
Started: September 28th 2011 10:53
Last Update: June 25th 2012 02:56

bafazi learners

What is Child Abuse and what can one do against it?

Child Abuse Is a  physical, psychological and/or emotional mistreatment of children. There are four different types of child abuse: Neglect, Emotional Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Physical abuse. Neglect: Failure to provide many things including affection.Emotional: Failure to provide eduction&affection to medicate a child.Sexual abuse: Actual sexual contact against a childPhysical ... [read on >>]
By: Nontekelelo Ngesi
Started: April 26th 2010 12:26
Last Update: September 27th 2011 12:10


What to do with old plastic bags?

Plastic bags are very dangerous and unhealthy for our planet. They can kill animals. They can suffocate children and our environment. What do we do do with the shopping bags once we get home or finish using them? I've asked to children to collect some plastic bags(clean). I show them how to make different things using plastic bags, things like- a)Wastebaskert bagsb)Plastic raincoatsc... [read on >>]
pict0048picture 6
By: Nomfuneko Nancy Singata, Thozamile Enock Ngeju
Started: August 8th 2010 07:17
Last Update: September 27th 2011 12:10


World AIDS Day (2010)

December 1st is International HIV/AIDS Day. Despite this having been so for quite a few years people still know very little about the disease. The point of this project is for learners to brainstorm and bounce ideas. What do they know about HIV/AIDS? We are going to have sections on ideas, pictures, research, stories, family members' experiences, prevention, rumors, etc. Each ... [read on >>]
picture 6dscf0212100_6614dscf0221dscf0226100_6518deyiimag0069picture 018249928_10150190540956746_587611745_7392613_2797587_n
By: Thozamile Enock Ngeju, Georgia Goliath, aphiwe ngalo, ashtelene botha, saskia mckaiser, cindalene ceasar, Thabang Banga, mzuvukile deyi, Nomathamsanqa Diniso, Nompumezo Makinana, Glenda Hetula, Shireen Badat and 53 others.
Started: October 19th 2010 11:22
Last Update: November 23rd 2011 07:50