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inadequate classroom

A RIGHT to RIGHTS : The proper way to education.

This project deals with the ongoing struggle to have equality in education in South Africa.... [read on >>]
all of usdownload.jpgPosing for the camera can be fun!me up closeIMAG3101.jpgP1010040.JPG
By: Lelethu Bodlani, Sarah Hanton, Soqhama Peter, Zimbini Mjandana, Kristen-Lee Vermeulen, Vongai Chindeka, Sihle Sesethu Jacobs, Silubonile Ndungane, Nienke Botha, Tina-Mari Kruger, Kungela Mzuku, Ncedisa Matanga and 1 others.
Started: April 17th 2012 05:14
Last Update: November 7th 2016 01:46


A Vegetarian Diet Will Protect the Environment

Dropping meat from your diet will help along the way to a healthier environment. Not only will it rid us of much pollution but it is also healthier for the individual. This is because with factory farming, animals are brutalized and abused. Spiritually, by eating these animals, you are eating their misery and negative energy. Physically, you are digesting unhealthy chemicals released by neg... [read on >>]
By: Nikki Skye Allen
Started: July 7th 2010 10:39
Last Update: November 7th 2016 02:36


Addo National Park Experience

Twelve learners from Victoria Girls High School went on a day trip to Addo National Park. Using their experiences from the event, the learners researched and created a series of educational resources, shown below: ... [read on >>]
all of usdownload.jpg
By: Sarah Hanton, Asanda Mtshabe, Kyra-Aynsli Davies, Lunako Mthenjana, Milagre Lang, Lauren James, Lilitha Mankuntsu, Zimbini Mjandana, Nicci Hayes, Simnikiwe Sangoni, Meagan Koffie, Zuziphe Nkala and 3 others.
Started: September 20th 2012 10:43
Last Update: November 7th 2016 01:46


Equal Education Song

We as the VG AwareNet club have decided to compose a song to promote equal education amongst young South Africans. Have a look at our previous project on Equal Education and pictures of our 'Low Resources Day' It outlines the inequalities between the privileged and underprivileged schools. The aim of this project is to support minimum standards and norms being added to the South Afric... [read on >>]
keri+hilson+2011+nba+star+game+performances+yfxe5rl1ijqlall of usIMAG3101.jpgdownload.jpgPosing for the camera can be fun!n59_nicki_minaj_barbie_hip_hop_lip_silver_large_1vg 6th session - 07me up closeP1010040.JPG
By: Olwethu Tom, Sarah Hanton, Kungela Mzuku, Zimbini Mjandana, Vongai Chindeka, Soqhama Peter, Silubonile Ndungane, Sihle Jacobs, Thina Mangcu, Tina-Marie Kruger, Ncedisa Matanga, Ncedisa Matanga and 36 others.
Started: August 14th 2012 04:57
Last Update: November 7th 2016 01:45


Learners` Experiences @ National Schools Festival 2011

Standard Bank held the National Schools Festival for the last time this year, with a mission statement "To enrich the culture and educational life of the youth of South Africa, by promoting an appreciation of the arts as a universal tool of communication and empowerment, and to develop a deep appreciation, love and support for the South African arts industry". The Fest lasted four day an... [read on >>]
pro pic33761_490782465718_787495718_7056853_486892_nall of usawareNet song video shoot - 47.jpgfaith looking hot 2
By: Ayanda Twani, Hannah Godlonton, Motolani Adesina, Jessica Wentworth, Tamani Chithambo, Siyanda Makunga, Krista du Plooy, Sarah Hanton, Anna Wertlen, Neliswa Mamani, Faith du Plessis, Siyamtanda Tokwe
Started: July 15th 2011 04:29
Last Update: November 23rd 2011 08:09

Nombulelo outing100-2929.jpg

Nombulelo Secondary school Grade 9 runners a day out in Grahamstown

One Friday the 25 November Nombulelo Grade 9 learners had the opportunity to have a day out in Grahamstown.They were treated to a delicious breakfast sponsored by Spur each one getting a full English Breakfast and a free drink.After a very filling breakfast we were off to the Albany museum for a Educational talk on different aspects.From were you came from as a human,how the planets were formed a... [read on >>]
IMAG0484.jpgWhat a happy face after a good work out!Shjoe this hard work but Im enjoying it!100_2765.JPGIMAG3516.jpg100_6678At least a little a smile was present!100_2712.JPG100_2644.JPGThis stretch is a nice easy one no strain!100_2881.JPGThe strongest of them all leading the pack
By: Terri-Lynn Penney, Sinovuyo Dyasi, Silindokuhle Mtwa, Sinovuyo Geelbooi, Phumla Baba, Ziphozihle Goje, Sinesipho Gule, Xoliswe Gomba, Xolelwa Ndyolashe, Yonke Mbebe, Lindokuhle Mzongwana, Sinazo Ngcungca and 2 others.
Started: November 28th 2011 09:55
Last Update: July 16th 2012 02:36


Out of Streets with Art Project

Our youth is found all over our streets because they have nothing to do. Some of them end up being involved in crime. As a good South African citizen I have come up with a project that will help such people change their lives. As people we are given different talents - why don't we use them?!  I am going to ask for support from our business people so that they can provide us with art in... [read on >>]
asandapicture 6khubsta kamdeva
By: asanda nginda, Thozamile Enock Ngeju, Kubalo Mpofu
Started: June 2nd 2010 01:35
Last Update: November 7th 2016 02:36

icon scientist.jpg

Science - Around the World

Hi Everyone! I have created this project to share with you my experiences over the next few days. Over the past year I have been given so many opportunities and I have taken them the best I can. Basically, in June 2011, I entered my Science Project into the Grahamstown Regional Science Expo. At this expo I came out as the top project along with best project done my a female learner. I was lucky ... [read on >>]

By: Vivienne Dames
Started: May 9th 2012 03:57
Last Update: November 7th 2016 01:28


Social Documentary Project - Ntaba Maria Grade 9

We want to create a short video documentary about a topic which is relevant to learners in the local community of Grahamstown. Is there a story you want to tell from the area you live? It could be about something positive or negative. It could be about the present, the past or the future.... [read on >>]
photo46660980426522412(1).jpgFoto 2.JPG20160104_184937.jpgMC.jpgball 1.jpeg20160126-133046.jpgDSCF2723.JPG20160126-132735.jpgKO-SOUTH-AFRICA-HIP-HOP-PROFILE-PICTURE-GOOGLE-IMAGE.jpg20160126-132658.jpgMy best singerrugby2.jpeg
By: Lukas Hueneke, Chiara Brendel, Kjetil Torp, Mcvay Boko, Malibongwe Bekwa, Nangamso Habana, Asemahle Sergeant, Vuyolwethu Mfecane, Siviwe Tyala, Liyema Kwenxe, Onesimo Maqoko, Kamvelihle Mat and 4 others.
Started: October 10th 2016 09:46
Last Update: February 13th 2017 10:59


South African Quotations

Sayings, phrases, idioms, proverbs and/or witticisms have original sources. There are interesting phrases that people coin (sometimes unwittingly) when in an interview. You read a newspaper or a magazine article and you come across these. Sometimes a writer is so used to his sayings - or is not quite aware that s/he is saying something spectacular - that he mixes them discretely in his work. ... [read on >>]
picture 6nosipho-silo-2img00210-20110922-1617
By: Thozamile Enock Ngeju, Albert Yovo, Nosipho Silo, Msikeleli Moli
Started: October 12th 2009 09:51
Last Update: November 23rd 2011 07:49


The ECSPIRT Project

Eastern Cape Schools Participatory Internet Research and Training Project Background, Goals and MethodsA major problem in African schools is the lack of qualified teachers. In the Eastern Cape alone, 900 Maths and Science teachers are currently being sought. Part of the problem is the large number of rural schools in the province that are relatively isolated and have very bad infrastructure ... [read on >>]
polarbear_faceawareNet song video shoot - 47.jpg2012-nature
By: Nu Example, Anna Wertlen, Ron Wertlen
Started: September 29th 2009 08:46
Last Update: November 23rd 2011 07:41


The Rural Garden Project

Agricultural Science is one of the important learning areas in South African schools. At Thembalabantu High School, we started a programme of dealing with the theory part of Agricultural Science in class and the practical part in the garden. It is a known fact that if a person does things practically, it would be difficult to forget. We targeted the grade 10 Agricultural science class. ... [read on >>]
By: M.K. Masiza
Started: May 16th 2010 07:26
Last Update: November 7th 2016 02:37

bafazi learners

What is Child Abuse and what can one do against it?

Child Abuse Is a  physical, psychological and/or emotional mistreatment of children. There are four different types of child abuse: Neglect, Emotional Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Physical abuse. Neglect: Failure to provide many things including affection.Emotional: Failure to provide eduction&affection to medicate a child.Sexual abuse: Actual sexual contact against a childPhysical ... [read on >>]
By: Nontekelelo Ngesi
Started: April 26th 2010 12:26
Last Update: September 27th 2011 12:10


What to do with old plastic bags?

Plastic bags are very dangerous and unhealthy for our planet. They can kill animals. They can suffocate children and our environment. What do we do do with the shopping bags once we get home or finish using them? I've asked to children to collect some plastic bags(clean). I show them how to make different things using plastic bags, things like- a)Wastebaskert bagsb)Plastic raincoatsc... [read on >>]
pict0048picture 6
By: Nomfuneko Nancy Singata, Thozamile Enock Ngeju
Started: August 8th 2010 07:17
Last Update: September 27th 2011 12:10