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What can I do with awareNet?

awareNet is a social networking site, similar to facebook or MXit, but it allows you to do much more. You can communicate via email, comments, posts and chat with your school mates. You can create your own profile, present your life style and opinion. You can contact friends or school mates from any school that is a member of awareNet or make new friends, even internationally. Jointly, you can invent projects online about arts, music, science, media, literature or any topic you like. You can surprise your friends, family and teachers by including pictures, writing blogs or join forums!

Siphesihle Batala (Grade 11, Thembalabantu High School)

Jabulani Matthew Faltein (Grade 11, T.E.M Mrwetyana Secondary School)

Bulelwa Mbekisa (Grade 9, Benjamin Mahlasela Secondary School)

Lelethu Ginise (Grade 10, Benjamin Mahlasela Secondary School)

Nosipho Silo (Grade 10, Benjamin Mahlasela Secondary School)


`Alive with Possibility` - a Movie-awareNet-Day on Youth Day 2011

The phrase 'Alive with Possibility' is as common these days as the phrase 'take it to the next level'. But do we really know how to interpret these? Symphonia, an Organisational Change practice has partnered with the VSA and has sent an exciting documentary called “Alive with Possibility” featuring world renowned leadership experts Ben & Roz Z... [read on >>]
picture 6awareNet song video shoot - 47.jpgpict0017img_1808sethinzeimg_1811thando111105_070255
By: Thozamile Enock Ngeju, Anna Wertlen, Gcobisa Mjele, Xabiso Nkata, Sibusiso Matiwana, Vuyolwetu Molefe, Ntsaphokazi Kondile, Xolisa Kopo, Sinovuyo Falakahla, Thandokuhle Qakamfana, Bongiwe Lurwayi, Mcvay Boko and 4 others.
Started: June 10th 2011 08:30
Last Update: November 23rd 2011 07:56

mahlasela first music session - 1

awareNet Theme Song!

  The VSA thought awareNet really needs a song. But not just any song. A song by the users for the users. A song that reflects the life and the thoughts of its users. A song that is about awareness, awareNet, about you and me and us, about our life and possibilities, about the future and the Internet, and about Peace.  We found 5 schools in Grahamstown that want to take par... [read on >>]
awareNet song video shoot - 47.jpgscreen shot 2011-04-19 at 11.09.40 amthis kills the crabpicture 011corinnevg first music session - 15 - version 2vg first music session - 04vg first music session - 13
By: Anna Wertlen, Gabriel Spilkin, Richard Strickland, Andile Mengu, Chumisa Makabe, Pumza Nquma, Buyiselwa Kalipa, Corinne Cooper, Lelethu Bodlani, Sivuyile Nkohla, Lunga Heleni, Zukani Budaza and 62 others.
Started: May 11th 2011 12:55
Last Update: November 7th 2016 02:34


The eLearning Africa Photo Competition 2011

Capture this! How ICTs are empowering people across Africa! The 2nd eLearning Africa Photo Competition aims to capture how Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) can nurture talent, skills and innovation across Africa. We invite you to send us your photos that depict outstanding achievements in Africa - empowered by ICTs, or that show innovative ways in which ICTs can fo... [read on >>]
picture 6awareNet song video shoot - 47.jpg188637_1927263063602_1302932834_32325540_4732309_npillz-blue_nbeauty2012-naturephoto_lutz
By: Thozamile Enock Ngeju, Anna Wertlen, Makaziwe Ziki, Philisiwe Mbongwana, Nolukhanyo Donyeli, Ron Wertlen, Lutz Scharf
Started: April 12th 2011 07:39
Last Update: November 23rd 2011 08:03


EC Schools Festival Bulletin

The 2011 Eastern Cape Schools Festival took part on 16th & 17th May in the 1820 Settlers Monument. The VSA with sponsorship from the Schools Festival office had the privilege of taking fifteen awareNet learners from Grahamstown East (Benjamin Mahlasela Secondary School, Nathaniel Nyaluza High School, Nombulelo Secondary School & Ntsika Secondary School). The learners were ask... [read on >>]
picture 6pict31pict0001mandilakhe adam_1sweet kezpict0008picture 011tutu.jpg
By: Thozamile Enock Ngeju, lelethu ginise, Linda Plaatjie, Bulelwa mbekisa, Mandilakhe Adam, Nobenguni Makata, nobahle cakwe, Andile Mengu, Sanele Ntshingana, Nolukhanyo September
Started: May 20th 2011 09:10
Last Update: November 23rd 2011 07:52

awarenet cover for profile

VSA`s short movie about awareNet

Normal 0 false false false EN-ZA X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 ... [read on >>]
khubsta kamdeva2012-nature
By: Kubalo Mpofu, Ron Wertlen
Started: May 31st 2011 09:55
Last Update: November 7th 2016 02:41

Parallel scenes
By: Tsepiso Sathie Nzayo

Taking a walk through my mind
I witnessed a scene that nearly made me blind
I took a step back and confusion was already dancing in my reasoning
Should I jump or should I glide?
[read more >> ]

better keep up or you'll be left out
By: Zandile sizani

Believe it or not in this day and age everything revolves around computers. have you ever wondered if the power would go off or computers wouldn't work for a day how it would be...then i bet you get my point.

technology, computers specifically have made our lives so much easier and its constantly being upgraded everyday to improve our lives there are satellites everywhere that connect us to the world so you really don't have to imagine my little scenario. computers have become an intergral part of our lives that every single aspect of our lives literally relies on it..i mean how else would we buy food, or maintain relationships with our loved ones who are not in the same space we're in. [read more >> ]

...The Rhodent Life Vol.2...
By: Makaziwe Ziki

This past week has been by far the most eventful week this term with: tests, assignment hand-ins, tutorials (one deadline after another) and lots of other delightful events as well. I sometimes felt like I couldn’t breathe, the pressure was just too overwhelming and I often had to remind myself why I’m here and why I put myself through such “torture”, as I often like to call it.  You see exams are nearly here, in fact they’re just lurking around the corner, and like most students panic mode is beginning to creep in. One wonders whether they’re ready and what fruits shall come of their labour. All is not gloom and doom though because end of semester also means end of the semester parties. Rhodents never fail to amaze me! They find every reason to have a “mare”/party. Common excuses are often, “it’s the end of the week let’s celebrate” and end of semester is no different. What a roller coaster year it has been though, one could say that having a “mare” is justified! Although the end of the week took a turn for the better, or worst, still remains to be seen. [read more >> ]

Eastern Cape Schools Festival 2011
By: Thozamile Enock Ngeju

This year's event took part on 16th & 17th May in the 1820 Settlers Monument. The VSA with sponsorship from the Schools Festival office had the privilege of taking fifteen awareNet learners from Grahamstown East (Benjamin Mahlasela Secondary School, Nathaniel Nyaluza High School, Nombulelo Secondary School & Ntsika Secondary School). [read more >> ]

By: Bongiwe Silo

my,wish is to now more about computer and to now how to open it and also how to use internet my wish again is to now how to find project and assignment and also to now computer so that i can help people and also now more about awarenet[read more >> ]

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