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VSA`s short movie about awareNet

This is the first
video for the Village Scribe Association, so I feel that we should not bore
people with the technical stuff first, that can come later. This video will
focus on the students, the volunteers and the coordinators of the association,
giving them a chance to show the world what VSA is doing for the
underprivileged children of Grahamstown. I want it to touch the hearts of those
that will be watching it.

1. Concept

The programme of the making of the video should go as follows:

·         Take pictures of the students that are being taught in the classes.·         Have a one-on-one interview with one or two of them, so that they can share their experiences.·         Talk to the volunteers and find out the difficulties that they face in assisting these children and why they are doing it.·         Talk to either Anna or Thozi to also hear their side of the story and basically how they started and why they are doing it.·         Take pictures of the officeAll of this will be added together and formatted into a 5 minute video that will be posted up on the Awarenet site and YouTube!


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by: awarenet Open Day visitor
on: 2011-09-11 16:55:22