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`Alive with Possibility` - a Movie-awareNet-Day on Youth Day 2011

The phrase 'Alive with Possibility' is as common these days as the phrase 'take it to the next level'. But do we really know how to interpret these?

Symphonia, an Organisational Change practice has partnered with the VSA and has sent an exciting documentary called “Alive with Possibility” featuring world renowned leadership experts Ben & Roz Zander. It is endorsed by Desmond Tutu and Wendy Ackerman (pictures above).

The documentary, that awareNet is going to show on Youth Day (June 16th), has the intention of reminding South Africans that this country has many possibilities. Are we aware of this? Too many stories make that fact faint.

The document is to remind us that it is us, South Africans that detemine the direction we take. Remember, when two roads diverge in the wood it will always be the one less travelled by that will make the difference.


  • Below, you will find written expectations and reactions of the awareNet uers to the documentary. All attending learners received an Alive with Possibility-Badge on their profile page.
  • All the photographs that were taken on that day can be found in the Gallery called Youth Day 2011

1. Ntsaphokazi Kondile (Mary Water HS) - Expectations

The movie ''Alive with Possibility''...............well i expect it to show us the places that we can go inorder to get more experiences e.g job opportunities, barsaries etc. It has to also tell us that ''nothing is impossible'' because there are many opportunity....people should be skilled and


2. Thandokuhle Qakamfana (Mary Waters HS) - Expectations

"alive with possibility".......I expect to this movie


3. Sibusiso Matiwana (Mary Water HS) - Expectations

i expect to see alot of change in this move not only for me but for the rural ares to see alot of doors open for the youth of south africa bursarys.


4. Mcvay Boko (Mary Waters HS) - Expectations


To me alive with possisbility, it means a transformation in the climate or area. And this means to change what has been, but only to better the sitiation........


5. Sinothando Tiyo (Mary Waters HS) - Expectations

On my side,I expect a movie that gives me inspiration.A movie that's shows these possiblitiesl


6. Aphiwe Ngowapi (Mary Waters HS) - Expectations

i expect to see people who have a lot of opportunities from which they can choose from. i also expect to see opportunities available for students who have finished their matric and wanting to go to university but dont have the money to pay for the fees.


7. Bongiwe Lurwayi (Mary Waters HS) - Expectations

i think its all about more things like jobs and more about south africa


8. Xolisa Kopo (Mary Waters HS) - Expectations

Alive with possility to me simply means that the are new opportunities  and even more 


9. Xabiso Nkata (Mary Waters HS) - Expectations

I EXPECT SOMETHING strong which bonds which gives out opportunities to young people of SOUTH AFRICA and i hope it will bring out positive impact.


10. Vuyolwetu Molefe (Mary Waters HS) - Expectations

In this movie i expect to see people getting alot of oppurtinities in this country maybe people might get bursaries and schorlaships...just to make their lives easier... 


11. Gcobisa Mjele (Mary Waters HS) - Expectations

I would like to see how the youth of today uses the opportunities they are given. In the olden days not everyone could go to university,especially black people but now bursaries,student loans and scholarships are available


12. Babalwa Babsey Nquru (Mary Waters HS) - Reaction

The movie is very interesting, what i liked most is that the movie involves "music" and i love music. yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy.......


13. Sibusiso Matiwana (Mary Water HS) - Reaction

i think i was a cool move it made  me thnk of my country in a diferent way from wat i used to think


14. Vuyolwetu Molefe (Mary Waters HS) - Reaction

well finally today i got to watch the movie and i have learnt quite a few things that you as an individual can change the world only if you are determined and you do it with enthusiasim....the movie was interesting to me because it thought me something that even if you disabled you can still do things that normal people do...everything depends on you dont feel sorry for yourself and say you cannot do it cause you can BE alive and BE FULL OF POSSIBILITY 


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