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What i want to learn

I want to learn how to help sick poeple l want to enjoy to be wkith people

By: Asemahle Qoko on October 20th 2017 03:14 [0 comments]

what i want to learn

with awarenet i want to learn with things that i want to know more about things in the computer that i dont know about thing that ear in the computer but i want to learn more about things that r in the computer because some thing r very importent

By: liviwe mjulwa on October 20th 2017 03:04 [0 comments]

what i want to learn with awarenet

With awarenet I would like to learn more about IT because I don't want people hacking me.I would like to learn more about science in computers and PC's.I would like to learn more of our daily lives I want to actually what really youth is ,what it is capable of,what it could do to prevent poverty and robbery.I want to know software and other basic things about computers.I would like to know what how I could use a PC without getting assisted by anyone.I would like to get more ideas about using the computer with care.I would like to get more info in everything that I do using the computer.I would like to get knowledge like other children who would have also did awarenet researches and projects.I would a
lso like to learn about our social lives

By: Livuse Mendela on October 20th 2017 02:59 [0 comments]

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