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My favourate sport is soccer and when i grow up i want play soccer on tv, and make my parents and everyone happy even my friend.Because i want to be a star and everyone know me even oversea.

By: Zanuxolo Hloyi on February 18th 2014 01:47 [0 comments]


privacy is more like a secretive thing

i would discribe privacy as a place where no one can traspass

to me it means nothing coz dont like privatising my life i have stated above


By: Thembasile Mangela on February 4th 2014 01:58 [0 comments]

About Germany

Germany has more people than any country in Europe .Industry has made Germany wealthy ,Germany factories make steel, cars ,cameras ,chemicals and machines of every type .Berlin is its capital and largest city Frankfurt is a manufacturing and business center in central Germany .Frankfurters also named after a sausage made in Frankfurt.

River have carved valleys in the hills .The Rhine a major river of Europe ,flows through western Germany .Boats on the Rhine carry freight and passangers .The towns and old castle lie along the R`hine .The Balvarinan alps as Germany mountains are called .The Germany has also experienced world wars it was the most distractive dictactorship and the world has ever known ruled Germany from 1933 to 1945.The name of the person was Adolf Hitler he was a leader of the Nazi party .Hitler rose but after the world war 2 Germany were re-united as one world again and Berlin wall kept east Germany from west Germany.

By: Odwa Smile on November 20th 2013 09:40 [0 comments]

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