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Drake Controlla Lyrics

Momma hit my phone and said rap's no good
Better than 'em telling me the check's no good
Now they wanna act like I do no good
Funny cause I really did more than I should
I made a decision last night that I would die for it
Just to show the city what it takes to be alive for it
Can't get me on the line so they hang me out to dry for it
You know 40 wants peace, but I'm down to cut ties for it
And I can't sleep these days unless I take one
If they don't have a story these days, they'll make one
Life is always on, man, I never get a break from it
Doesn't matter where I go, I can never get away from it
They give me loyalty and I don't gotta pay for it
Same way, breads gotta break for it
Keeping people fed is my only peace of mind now
And I turn the six upside down, it's a nine now
I made a decision last night that I would die for it

By: Royi Thawaxolo on July 20th 2016 03:02 [0 comments]

Role Models

My Name is Thanduxolo Royi I am a 18 year old boy doing Grade11 at Nombulelo High School.I am a positive boy that loves working hard and communicating with people I always try to do my best at everything I do I push hard going forward.I am a boy that loves Sport too much I always put myself in any kind of Sport.I would like to be a Sport journalist one day
I play rugby at School and My local Sport is karate.I started karate at the age of 11 years old My parents wanted to be involved with soccer but I refused, this whole thing of like karate started I used to watch a lot of Martial Art movies with my sister Jackie Chan movies and John Claud Van Dam movies Every time after watching the movie I would do every single move that I saw alone.Until one day I went to the shop and saw a pamphlet on the door of the shop that was wrote: Joza Karate Club Karate lessons starting at 5:00-:6:30 I got exited I knew my dream was coming true I always dreamt of doing karate one day so that's how I started it. I am a trained by Sensei Mzwandile Matebese one of the best sensei i ever met in my life.

In karate we grade like you change your belt to another belt.So I am a 1st kyu brown belt now I will be grading for my black belt in August.Besides the Gradings I I have been in lots of karate Tournaments since the year I started it.I was dreaming one day to be selected to represent Eastern Cape karate in other Provinces that dream came trough.Last Year I was selected to go to Nationals in Cape Town I was very happy about it.I won a gold in kumite (fighting) I was the champ of the eastern Cape Male.I was even aiming higher than that this I got a chance to be selected to go to United World Karate South Africa Nationals which took place in Fish River Sun earlier this Year in March the 17-19.From those nationals they were not only Nationals but S.A trials for a team to go to the Worlds championships next year.There I won a silver medal for kata(FORMS)and Gold for kumite(fighting)I am a S.A champ.

Most young karatekas(people doing karate)I always want to be like me the way I do my fighting in karate they see as their Role Model not just in karate but outside too many young kids doing different sports always want to be at the level I am now with their sport.My Role Models I look up to is my sensei(Instructor) I love the way he trains us and how he helps us on karate things.My second Role model is Rafeal Aghayev a well known World Champ in karate kumite I love the way he fights and how he trains all the movements he does are Great.One Day I want to see myself in World championships and be a World champ#Osu karate Spirit#For the Love of#Joza Karate Club

By: Royi Thawaxolo on June 28th 2016 10:55 [0 comments]

The Tournament Yeah!

The awarenet Tournament was great I had lot of fun playing Soccer all the time no rest I had to play for two teams from SDA the Grade6 and Grade7 team it was great.To me it was not about just playing for the teams but also meet some learners from others schools like C.M.Vellem,Goodsheperd it was amazing the way all the learners came out in numbers to support thier school teamsCheerin,Shouting to them.The day was cold but we didnt stop playing we went forward with all the games until we reached our final game aginst C.M.Vellem.

Our first game didnt go well but we lost with one point we were playing against Goodsheperd our strategy was perfect difence and my strikers were good.My second match I played we played against C.M.Vellem from the the guys were a bit scared because of they were playing against Grade9s but I told not to lose focus in the game lets keep our game plan the same by doing so we really difended C.M.Vellem we were going score some goals but the wind in the second half of the match Spoilt it a bit.My second game I was playing for the Grade6s they were playing against their Grade 7s They won by one point.I was very tired and sweating too.My second last game was we played against Goodsheperd and we won the 2-0 wich was leading us to the final against C.M.Vellem the Final was very hard and the wind was blowing fast and it was getting cold we pushed me and my players C.M.Vellem scored thier first goal in the first half and in the second half they scored again by two goals they manged to take the final we came second place GoodSheperd Third place.

The Referee did amazing job they did everything well all the games they managed to do everything in the Games rules Altought the players were also becoming referees in the few matches I didnt like tha part.

By: Royi Thawaxolo on June 7th 2016 01:38 [0 comments]

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