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A healthy living

Health is one of the most important things in our live. It isn't easy to living healthy.

It's very important to do a lot of sport activities. You can do a sport you like. It doesn't matter what sport it is but is important to do exercise.

It's also important to eat the right things. Not to much chocolate and candys but a lot of vegetables and fruit. It's also important to drink the right things. You should not to drink to much alcohol.

An other important thing is to sleep enough.

When you can, you should go to the doctor when you have a health problem.

But sadly, it hasn't enough doctors all over the world.

By: Flurin Oehen on November 27th 2012 02:08 [0 comments]


Health is one of the most important things in our lives. It's a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. Due to the modern technology and the highly developed research options, it's possible to heal most diseases with medication and surgical applications. What would we do without these possibilities?

I think we all should take good care of our health because if we don't, it could have severe consequences, especially with increasing age. There are many factors that affect our healthiness; physical, spiritual, mental and also material issues. Maintaining these is definitely worth it, even though it sometimes may be hard to resist the temptation of delicious chocolate, or overcoming the laziness – laying in bed watching television on a rainy afternoon is certainly more comfortable than jogging outside in the cold breeze.

What do you think are the most important physical issues for a healthy life and what actions can we take to maintain our physical health?

By: Michelle Ariane Amstutz on November 26th 2012 08:54 [0 comments]


Health is one of the most importamt themes of the world.
In switzerland we have an very high standart, that is the reason why we can not really understand how important health is. We can go to a doctor and get one or to medications or injects and after a few time we are getting healthy.

In other countrys, is this not the same. They do not have any money or scopes to become healthy. Maybe it is their end.

Whats the meaning of "health" for you?
And can you introduce how this feeling is, living in a country where the health is not "of course"?

By: Dominic Thomet on November 26th 2012 06:03 [0 comments]

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