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#spread the love**



By: ROYI SIPHOSETHU on March 10th 2014 11:37 [0 comments]

day of love

###spread the love###

yooh i am very speachless about 14 february the was a function at my school and i got gift from some of the leaners.......mmmh i got a ltter from my secret admirer ....what can i say my day was full of love at home and at school,not fogetting eshowini yase bulie it was amazing.

By: VELELENI NWABISA on March 10th 2014 11:32 [0 comments]

spead the lave

Whit my valentime day"s i' enjoed so much when i"m see my teacher hug me i"m so proud that day.Class mades write on the bod happy valentime day.My teacher take photos but i love that.

By: Komsani Sinawo on February 26th 2014 11:12 [0 comments]

spread all the love

on valentines we spreat the love all around we spread it to grade 1's to grade 2's to all of our school grades and we got a little help from the awarenet people thank god they are here

By: Lelethu Ngcosini on February 28th 2014 08:10 [0 comments]

spread of love

happy valentime day and i love my mam and people

By: Totose Kwanele on February 26th 2014 11:28 [0 comments]

spread the love

wow valentines day was awesome.we had so much fun,all my friends joined in with spread the love,some was singing,some were dancing but actually we had so much with spread the love,and it reminded me of my freind KENSELY my charlie

By: Adrian Stevens on February 28th 2014 08:07 [0 comments]

spread the love


By: NZUZO APHIWE on March 10th 2014 11:38 [0 comments]

spread the love


By: Simani Siphiwokazi on February 26th 2014 11:13 [0 comments]

spread the love

On valentines day we made heart shapes with paint on our faces.

We took pictures of ourselves and we took interviews about how we feel about valentines day,we also wore clothes.

Hugging someone mean that you should care about everyone and also holding the posters up meant that you do care about a special day,cupcakes were also sold.

Valentines day means love to me you should love everyone who's around you who cares about you and makes you feel special and the people you love need to be around you most of the time.

That day is the most special day and don't be sad,upset or angry,you need to be happy,excited and you also need to spread the power of love don't hate just love.

WE also sang,did some rapping and we had fun tons of fun i won't forget the day.

By: Anelisa Tinga on February 28th 2014 08:04 [0 comments]

spread the love

valentine's means to alot to people is love becouse the valentine's is come every 14february is the very speaciolto the black people n with people n is very inpontent every world n ilike valentine's day very much it is veryu impotent to me n evry people ilov e valentine's day balot

By: Memani Phelisa on February 26th 2014 11:22 [0 comments]

spread the love

on valetines day we where we having cape cakes an seling sweets.

It was so nice we have to go to awerenet and when we get the we where takihg pictures and same of us where singing and same where raping .

We didn't have time to take another pictures . Valetines Day is a day of love and a day that you show people love

By: Zintle Tikise on February 28th 2014 08:04 [0 comments]

spread the love


By: NDOKWENI ONKE on March 3rd 2014 11:32 [0 comments]

spread the love

I spent my valentines day with my loved ones. It was the best valentines day ever. We did a lot of stuff , we bought each other gifts , told each other love and couraging poems and love stories. I think that all valentine days could be like this one even though it is not a public holiday , it is still a great day of love. I think we should all enjoy it and show others that we love them and we care for them and just try and SPREAD THE LOVE all over the world. Happy February everyone and enjoy the month of love

By: Notyhawe Aphelele on February 26th 2014 11:13 [0 comments]

spread the love

Velentines day is a day of love on 14 February we were spreading the love and giving free hugs spreading the love with others at school was very special to me and those who needed love at school we were huging and doing video clips about love it was so much fun reiceving and giving love to others close to you.Spearding love is special.Love is feeling that every one needs to be given and we were giving others love and spreading it love means caring and loving others so this February SREAD THE LOVE.

By: Nosiphiwe Nabo on February 28th 2014 08:18 [0 comments]

spread the love

valentines day to me means to be loved to get loved by those u love and trust.This year i enjoyed my valentines day becouse i was with people who loves me and appreciate the way i am.I've sent my love to those i love my family and my frinds on valentines dag after skool i went to sakhingomso pre skool to shear my love to those kids who dont get enough love seeing those kids happy made me happy too...Valentines day is the day to show people how much you love them..Thats all i can say about valentines day..14 FEBUARY BEST DAY EVER..

By: Asanda Ndlela on February 26th 2014 11:22 [0 comments]

spread the love

A valentine or a valentine card is a greetings card thatyou send to someone who you are in love with or are attrcted to, usually without signing your name, on st valentine,s day,the 14th of february.valentines make us proud and wearing some clothers.Other people write poem about valentine's day at home your mother touch you like an egg and make you happy because of valentine's day.

By: Joja Aphiwe on February 26th 2014 11:13 [0 comments]

spread the love

On 14th february it was valentines at my school we did spread the love it was very fun i did enjoy it when it was finished i felt the love deep inside my soul

By: Asemahle Singata on February 28th 2014 08:12 [0 comments]

Spread the love

Spend valentine i goat a present with my mother then i open .Then i go to the PE and i see juis malema

By: Funani Siyamthanda on February 26th 2014 11:21 [1 comment]

spread the love


By: Maphelo Ndemka on February 28th 2014 08:05 [0 comments]

spread the love

valentines day means a lot to me.I spend that day with my friend at school.We are played netball,soccer and rugby.That day was very wonderful.

By: Nelo Sisanda on February 26th 2014 11:30 [0 comments]

spread the love


By: Mbilane Siviwe on February 26th 2014 11:13 [0 comments]

spread the love

on the 14th of february it was valentines day and we did the spread the love thingy and it was fun

By: Kamvelihle Sankobe on February 28th 2014 08:10 [0 comments]

spread the love

My falentines day ispend whith my friends we was enjoy our day just have fun playing some of my friends ore wrering red and white some of them are wering black and blue.We ore enjoying the day ofther school we go home when we playing soccer team by team.ofther pleying soccer we to my brother's barthday at 3pm ofthermoon

By: Tshali Thobela on February 26th 2014 11:18 [0 comments]

spread the love

happy valentines day to means a iot because is a spacerl day to us sow lets be one people

By: Nquntsela Xhantilomzi on February 26th 2014 11:29 [0 comments]

Spread the love


I spend my valentine's day with my friends we were at the show of Mr and Mrs Valentine's day at Nombulelo Secondary School. It was nice because we were having fun we were laughing we were listenig to music dancing and everyone were loving each other.

By: Sanka Yanga on February 26th 2014 11:12 [0 comments]

Spread the love

A spend my valentine day to go school .I go with my friend we see car and animals

My mother she tell me i love you in very day i weke up

By: Vongo Sinazo on February 26th 2014 11:18 [0 comments]

spread the love

wow we all had a nice day on the 24th of february. what we all did was painting HEARTS THAT WERE red and green. and it was a fab day we all had fun. the word spread the love means alot to been huged by all of the children in my school was fab AND IT WAS FUN FUN FUN

By: Oyisa Phaphu on February 28th 2014 08:07 [0 comments]

Spread the love

What deos valentine mean to me?

I was happy to see my brother when he came back from JOZI and his name is samkelo i want to say i love you samkelo you are a only broyher that i had and dont disapoint you parents i want you to grow up like me and i want you to learn as you can see meuor mother make me grow and now iam in grade 8 i want you to do the same i love you boy so much read your books i will see you when you came back and i remember when we go to pe and we play games

By: Lugodlo Asanda on February 26th 2014 11:29 [0 comments]

Spread the love

What does Valentine mean to me?
Valentine to me mean that we should respect each other love each other.
Valentine to me mean to be able to share with one another.
But in this new generation no one needs to share because we under mine each other.
This day it needs to be done every day not once .
This day must be our daily topic i mean every day is the same as another day.
Valentine to others its their Birth Day time while we share love.
The valentine is a special day to all the nation accept grannies.
Now in our time no one cares about this valentine day.
Valentine in my classroom theres a girl which does not know what love mean to a person she like to gossip which is bad she likes to influence her friends to have such a bad attitude.Ok guys i just needed to share what love is all about.If you would like me to give you advice i will im Moko the advicer.

By: Moko Siphosethu on February 26th 2014 11:12 [0 comments]

Spread the love!

On Friday, the 14th of February, we arranged a Love Campaign, called “Spread the love” in relation to Valentine’s Day. About 1000 children from four schools in Grahamstown attended to the project. Early in the morning, we (Terri- Lynn Penney, Antje Hering and Rieke Heitmueller) visited the Good Shepherd School to start with the project and got help from the Rhodes University student, Nosie Mahlaba Ngqwala.
An organization from Cape Town, called “Magic Live” which campaigns for a good environment and respect between people had the idea of spreading love on Valentine’s Day by hugging people. We joined the project and broaden it by painting red and green hearts on the cheeks of the children, taking photos and getting them on the camera for a little video about this project. The kids had to held posters with the words “SPRED THE LOVE” and “FREE HUGS”, while shouting “Spread the love”, singing or dancing.
The students were very excited about this project, especially the little ones. Our grade nine awarenet learners from the C.M Vellem School helped me painting the kids, so that everyone got a heart on their cheeks.
Furthermore, all the students wore casual clothes in the colors of red and white instead of their school uniform.
To complete this project successfully, we will let some students write a blog about the “Spread the love” project and will interview them for the video.
We had a lot of fun!!

By: Rieke Heitmüller on February 18th 2014 09:06 [0 comments]

Valenitines Day

These valenitines day he the month of love becouse som peolple the are celebrent.she were in sea you like i in joy deos month feaw same people the are love disea.she deos we red and white my frinds in the class room the are sing the song

By: Plaatjies Ntombozuko on February 25th 2014 02:29 [0 comments]

valentines day

I enjoy my life in valentines day. I was feeling saw good in valentines day i enjoy my self. It was saw pround about valentines day .It was saw know about the my mother say about valentines day to you my baby .It saw good. It was proud for you my girl.

By: Jezi Nokubonga on February 26th 2014 11:15 [0 comments]

valentines day

(unpublished) valentines day is the of love and peac to the people the valentines day it was so amazing the day it was valentine i was so happy i wear my red vest and awarent people came to our school and paint big hearts on our face's and they take piture's of us holding big chats that i wroten ''free hugs'' ''free kiss'' love for everyone and it was amazing even our teacher was wearing a valentine clothes i was happy i wish valentine day is everyday i like valentine becouse it brings people together when it is valentine day people love each othe they dont fight no insults nothing but love.

By: Lusanda Bentele on February 25th 2014 02:00 [0 comments]

valentines day

valetine day it is the day of love and kindnees and respect
aech other and be helpfull and valentines day i love it so much
and i wish it could be every day because i love the letars and gift
and poems abaut love and so all and valentines its a butifull day
and it is the day that will be never forgeten and it is also the day of peace
it is also a amazing day and i love valentines day so much.

By: Anele Beni on February 25th 2014 01:51 [0 comments]

valentines day

valentines day it is about love and sharing love with family or love. Many people out there they don'thave love and they don't no what is love.People think love is when you love some'one.Love is to share with some'one that you love or with family .Valentines day was on 14th of February 2014 it was are good friday i was so so happly and having funn with my friends at scholl.I did not know valentines day it is good.chomme

By: Luzuko Poti on February 25th 2014 01:51 [0 comments]

valentines day

Valentines day is the most important day in our lives.It is a month of love ,joy and happiness.On valentines day you share some gifts to your family and friends and someone you love and care.On valentines day we wear red and white if you want but in our days now we do not wear the same colour.

In valentines month we share our tears of joy with the lord him self and our familys and also Tata Madiba even though that he is not with us anymore.He is the icon of the world we are proud of him that he made the nation to be together.We thank the lord that he created nature.I love valentines day it is a special day of happiness.

By: Mihlali Ncula on February 25th 2014 01:51 [0 comments]

valentines day

valentines is a special day becouse also people so love for you .
people so love for special day its a big big day people love for special day becouse is a happy day for people valentines day is min of love
people so happy for valentines a big day love family love is special day
chilndrens love also people is a special day for all people.

By: Amanda Masa on February 25th 2014 02:06 [0 comments]

valentines day

Valentines day is our speciel day to us.valentines is the day that you get love to someone.Valentines is importent to us becouse we getting love and to be happy with other people's.Valentines is the day that we do somethings like do some poems and do some story's of love.Valentines is wonderfull day of getting peace to be nicely to your friends.Valentines is the day that you should to be happy play some games whith your friends.In valentines we wearing red and white.

By: Siyamthanda Mtshungwa on February 25th 2014 01:52 [0 comments]

valentines day

Valentines to me means spreading love to your loved ones but only your loved and those nearby. There are those valentines colours red and white. Valentines day was good actually, there were children smilling,boys dancing and girls cheering.Yes indeed the day was all about love and yes there was love some people had some didn`t. It was a very exciting day there was love every were ,we even took pictures with our best friends showing them our love you saw hugs every corner you turn, kisses every time you turn around and smiles on every one`s face. Some of us had our faces painting heart shaped in our faces red and green we even took pictures with some 3 postures written "lspread the love" and like the posture said love was spreaded.

By: Nkwenkwe Silindokuhle on February 25th 2014 01:51 [0 comments]

valentines day

valentines day is is on 14th is the most important school we wear for it.this month is lovers buy something for some one you in love with him or her, and your famaly some gift.we all resperct this day.I love valentines because you hear new poems and you right yours if you valentines day you right letter for someone you love and you post itin valentise month we share a tears of joy.

By: Ayanda Yonta on February 25th 2014 01:52 [0 comments]

Valentines day

Valentines day means that you must love peaple and is the day of love. You must give or get love to your parents or your family. in valentines day you must be in love with your familys. And you must make your parents happy with everything that you are doing for them e.g you must make tea a nice tea so that they will give lots of things that want present of dolls or something.You must not do bad things you need love everytime.

By: Nkosinathi Shayi on February 25th 2014 01:56 [0 comments]

Valentines day

Valentines day its the day of love you give a person that you love a gift even your Mother.In valentines day at my school i right a letter for my lovely teacher i tell her happy valentines day she said wow.You are the first person in my class that right a letter for me.I said its valentines day today that,s why i right a letter for you it means does people doesn,t now anything about valentines day.

By: Siphosethu Manyathi on February 25th 2014 01:52 [0 comments]

valentines day

Valentinein Day is on 14th Febraury.This months is the months of love to others ,in valentine day you write letters to your loved ones.In valentine day your can buy a present for your loved ones.This day is very special to me because this day is the day that shows me how special i am and it also shows that to whom you were writting the letter to or buying the present too that how special he or she is special to every body


By: Bayolise Lukwe on February 25th 2014 01:52 [1 comment]

valentines day

On the Valentines day i had fun,we took photos and we had to sing any song we wanted and i sang the song of Wiz Khalifa ft 2Chainz.We had to wore any clothes we wanted that includes red and white,i wrote a happy Valentines day to my mom with hearts on and also got post cards from other folks.

By: Khaya Sabani on February 28th 2014 08:09 [0 comments]

Valentines day

Valentines Day is about love and hapyness every one must have some one that is going to take care of valentines day its about you and other people and your famely and you must love each other at the valentines day and you share with otherpeople and you must give each a gift and roses becouse the valentines day it about love and you must love some one that take care of you and other people and you must give people the free hugs the valentines day you must be close to each other and you must eat tasty food and you must paint love at the school we were painting the hearts and and we were taking the of our selfs and we were making posters with the kids and we were wearing red and white and other school were having the shows and other people were writing love letters for their love ones valenyines day is in 14 of February.

By: Mandilakhe Rhawana on February 25th 2014 01:52 [0 comments]

valentine`s day

valentine's day means alot to me because its a month of love and it's day of love on 14th February.Those colour's Red and White means,red means Fire love and white means Peer love.When it's valentine's we have to love each other and othre's they are celebrating their relationship every year on 14th February other's they are starting to love each other.Other people that are in relationship they are giving each other lovely gifts into their loved one's.

By: Mzana Ondela on February 25th 2014 01:51 [0 comments]

Valentine`s day

Valentine's day is important to every one is the month of love.Valentine's day is on 14 February,everyone at that is in in a relationship share a gift to their loved one.At valentine's day otherv people that are in relationship they celabrate their relationship.At valentine's day at school kid they wear red and white red means fire love white means peer love at school we also do face paint.Valentine's day it is also a day of kindnees ,love and respect.

By: Nojoko Mvumeni on February 25th 2014 01:51 [0 comments]

Vilentines day

In 14th of february we all know that it is valentines day and in valentines day we all spread our love to every people you know or dont.Valentines day is not just a day to be sitted at home and do nothing.Valentines is to celebrate the love and its about suprises.In valentines day you must stay withyour loved ones example your family or your girl or boy lover.Valentines means a lot to me it give me a chance to spread the love that i have to my family and into those who loves me to.When its valentines we all gives each other gifts and or suprises and so on.

Valentines day its like a wish come true or a dream and if there was no valentines people would not give others gifts and suprises.When its valentines you must post your love to someone who deserves it and others writes letters to other.It is fun in valentines day we all have chances to show our love or our support to those we love and care about.In valentines you wear red and white and i guess that red means more love and i have no idea about that white.All that i would like to know is that where does this name VALENTINES come from?.

By: Holi Unathi on February 25th 2014 01:51 [0 comments]