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A Blog Written By Valentine

I went to Marie high school, with Terri Penney on friday 7th.
Kids had to write something about freedom, peace and love.

what I rode was very touching, and true.

doesn't matter the past of their country or they difficult way of living, they have no anger against life and just want to grow up in a better world where everyone is respected and equal doesn't matter the origins.

Terri Penney explain to me the goal of her work, we travel around different school in the township.

I may admit that the poverty and they condition of living are hard to see. but I think it's important to do everything to do to help people to live better, and to have a better futur.

Valentine is a student from France spending 6 weeks in Grahamstown working on research as part of hes studies.He spent two weeks with my while I was working to see what awarenet was all about.

By: Terri-Lynn Penney on June 20th 2013 11:48 [0 comments]

awarenet Peace day concert a day to remember

After many weeks of hard work dedication and hours spent on preparing for the Third Peace day Concert the time finally arrived for the 5 school from in and around grahamstown to preform their own Peace days songs at the awarenet Peace day Concert. Very excited all the learners arrived at the concert venue smartly dressed in their schools uniforms chatting away about how they are going to move and sing on stage. Small groups of people started gathering in the hall sitting down looking around waiting anxiously for the concert to start. A very excited atmosphere filled the hall as the Mc went on stage to the start the concert. People were clapping as he entered the on stage in a very professional way he introduced himself to the audience he Introduce the judges and the schools partaking in the concert.

A little entertainment was given from a student group calling them selves Elastic,a very upper class rapping group that preformed.They got the audience singing and clapping along while the performance was on the going on.After a superb performance from Elastic it was now time for The different School groups to preform.Lots of the audience was filled with the family and friends of the learners preforming and they seemed very eager to see the hidden talents these kids consisted off.When the first group came on stage I was filled with pride and emotion knowing the hard work and dedication that went in preparing each and every one of the youngsters for this concert.They went on stage each and every learner from the different schools and sang and danced their hearts out.I knew that deep down inside of themselves they all wanted to win the competition with sincerity.After every performance the crowd would go wild screaming and clapping for their favourite group.

I think the judges has a very hard decision as to who should be the winners they thought every group was brilliant and took quite a while to decide on the overall winners of each category.After a long buzz they finally came to their decision.I must admit the proudest of principles came to support he learners Mr Radio from Khulitso he really took pride in each and everyone of them.Some of the teachers from Ntaba and C.M Vellem also came and gave their support towards their learners Preforming.Lots excitement all around as the winners where announcement.Kids went mad running on stage when they heard there schools names called out,happily they went on to collect there certificate.The Media Grocotts Mail was also there clicking away taking photos after the concert they were ask what they thought of the concert? They were very impressed by the way the kids preformed they way the sang and also Wow by the fact that all songs were written by the kids.

I think the concert was a great success........

By: Terri-Lynn Penney on October 13th 2014 02:53 [1 comment]

awareNet Youth Fun Run

the awareNet Youth fun run is 3 days away and great excitement from our side had build up.The route has been planned consisting of only 2km the bibs and flags has arrived generously been borrowed from Run/walk for life Grahamstown the marshals have been organized all seven of them.Grahamstown Community has generously donated cash,vouchers,water bottles and running socks a cake,oranges.Beautiful medals 80 of them were sponsored by Newton(owned by Zola Budd) every little medal comes with a beautiful lint in the awareNet colors of Green and pink.the top 40 males and top 40 females will each receive a medal around their necks.The Rhodes Sports Admin has also kindly donated medals towards the fun run which will be rewarded to the top 3 of the male and females.Runners in the top will also receive prizes for their good effort.Certificates will also be awarded to the best awareNet users from each school participating in the fun run.The guest of Honor handing over the medals and certificates will be a well known figure in Grahamstown Eric Mapara.He has many years of running experience and has completed many races across the Country the most being the Two oceans Ultra in Cape Town.

By: Terri-Lynn Penney on June 11th 2012 03:05 [0 comments]

Bringing computer literacy to the community, one click at a time

A Newspaper Article by Grocotts Mail

She's well known for her athletic ability. In fact, some think she's a full-time athlete. But Terri-Lynn Penney is an ordinary Grahamstown resident with a full-time job, fitting in her sport when she can. Terri-Lynn is a community coordinator and recently became a trustee for the Village Scribe Association.

As a community coordinator, Terri-Lynn teaches computer literacy at disadvantaged schools in Grahamstown. The programme is centred around awareNet - a social network, similar to Facebook, but which is available only to the pupils explicity linked to it.

“It's like YouTube and Twitter in one, but it's just designed for scholars and teachers,” Penney says. Penney speaks Xhosa fluently: a huge advantage when she applied for the job at the NGO.

When it's time for the awareNet sessions at the different schools, Terri-Lynn works around community projects with the pupils. These have ranged from a running programme and various public lectures on health and wellness, to museum visits.

The awareNet pupils are then encouraged to write a blog about the projects they were involved in, with the coordinator posting questions to prompt them. Penney helps them log on to awareNet, and then reads the projects, helping correct spelling mistakes before posting them on to awareNet, where other awareNet users can view them.

She also uploads her own blogs about each project on to awareNet, together with photographs of the pupils involved.

In total, Penney works with nine schools through awareNet, including CM Vellem Public Primary School, Khutliso Daniels Secondary School, Mary Waters Secondary School, Nathaniel Nyaluza Secondary School, Nombulelo Secondary School, Ntaba Maria Primary School, Ntsika Secondary School and Victoria Girls' High School.

Terri-Lynn works mainly with Grade 8 and 9 pupils. The biggest group this year is the Grade 9 class from Ntsika, with 136 pupils in total. “My passion for teaching computer literacy in the disadvantaged schools has grown since I started with VSA in 2011,” said Penney.

She said she enjoyed seeing the improvement in the pupils' computer skills as they worked with awareNet. Many Grahamstown schools have computer rooms with fully equipped computers. The impact awareNet has made has been in sourcing internet access for many of the schools, and bringing in coordinators like Penney.

“Some of them (pupils) did not even have the knowledge to switch on a computer or click a mouse,” Penney said. “The teacher/ learner relationship between myself and the learners has also become a special bond. To the learners I'm known as 'Terri'”. Penney has also built strong relationships with the teachers and principals, who are always happy to have her at their schools.

Two of the major projects Penney has focused on during the past year were a health and fitness project, combining health and exercise, and a health-promotion project. In the health and fitness project, pupils from five different schools participated.

Training was done once a week and computer literacy was also held once a week. At these sessions, pupils put their thoughts about the project on to awareNet. The project ended with a fun run at Ntsika, in which more than 250 pupils from various schools participated.

The past two terms saw eight schools participating in the health-promotion project, which was also part of their life-orientation school subject.

The pupils received instruction on topics including HIV/Aids to tuberculosis, cancer and depression and attended a sex and sexuality talk given by Famsa. In preparation for the second project, Penney attended a number of self-help workshops in Grahamstown.

One was entitled Depression and Anxiety - a topic she then engaged the pupils on. Each wrote a relevant blog. Three awareNet pupils also had the opportunity to accompany Penney to the Rhodes Aids Day event, where they listened to a talk by South African Constitutional Court Justice, Edwin Cameron.

She spoilt the children with a small lunch, before they attended a dance performance by Ubom! theatre company. “The year has been very successful and pupils, teachers and principals have given positive feedback," said Penney.

"I'm hoping that teaching computer literacy in 2013 will go from strength to strength and that more learners will benefit from this awesome project.”

Through her social media posts and interaction with businesses and residents, Penney has received a number of sponsored items, including computers, shoes, T-shirts and other items for the schools and pupils she works with. She is currently looking at acquiring sponsored 2013 diaries for some of her classes.

By: Terri-Lynn Penney on December 5th 2012 03:09 [0 comments]

Community Engagement Volunteers

The VSA started a great collaboration with Rhodes' Community Engagement. CE organised 10 volunteers who are going to work with us for the year 2011. We are very happy to welcome such a large group of motivated, young and active students. Thank you very much for your interest!

The volunteers are going to join Thozi, Rhini's community coordinator and your awareNet teacher, into the awareNet classes at the various schools in Rhini to work together with the you and assist Thozi in his work, ie. teaching. All of them are experienced Internet users and professional social networkers who cannot wait to get into contact - personally and electronically - with you!

We believe that they will be a great inspiration for you (eg. by blogging about their own experiences and personal views on awareNet) and that they will motivate you to become more innovative and self-confident in the awareNet network. We hope that, together, you can work on important projects that will be published in Upstart for a greater audience, and that you will start discussing your opinions, issues and concerns more openly with increasing trust in the young volunteers - something that I think is usually missing in the South African traditional way of teaching.

I hope that you will enjoy working together with them. I would be happy to see some comments from your side after you have met them and worked together with them.

By: Anna Wertlen on April 1st 2011 08:37 [0 comments]

Health Promotion Project running the third school term

The project being done on awareNet this term is a Health promotion Project which goes in conjunction with the life orientation that’s get taught as a subject at schools. Life skills is also an important part of this project ,over 200 learners from the different schools are participating in this project which is done on awareNet. Different schools are doing different part of the health promotion project on awareNet. Ntsika is doing a part on healthy environment and healthy living. Their life orientation teacher which is also their awareNet teacher has put questions in a forums for them to answer and discuss they do little group discussions together due being such a big class and only have access to working on 5 computers. Questions gets asks on pictures as well and learners have to comment on these pictures which is quite a nice way for them to discuss issues involving these pictures.

At other schools like Mary Waters they are discussing Human Rights and Indigenous Games which is also part of their life orientation,these learners also had the opportunity to have a motivational speaker at their school,they thoroughly enjoyed this talk. At Ntaba Maria we discussed healthy Eating habits and exercise they also did a little bit of discussing of diseases. Ntaba Maria have now have full internet access and no more lab set up will be used at the school. Khuhliso Daniel is also part of the health project and they have discussed diseases as well.

A lot is being learnt from this project and I know the learners are enjoying this!

By: Terri-Lynn Penney on September 10th 2012 10:43 [0 comments]

Look how far we ran in 25min!

Shjoe!, today was as very successful training session with the girls all of them managed to run around 25min,which was a great achievement seeing  no one has never really done the sport of running.They all managed to run more then walking were usually its the other way around.Its was a little tough going today due to heat I could see some of the girls took some strain,but as usual the endured and pushed though.


Distances covered by the girls today all in 25 minutes- Sinvuyo Dyasi- 4km,Silindokuhle Mtwa-600m(ill due to stomach),Sinovuyo Geelbooi-3.6km,Phumla Baba-3.6km,Ziphozihle Goje-3km,Sinesipho Gule-3km,Xolelwa Ndyolashe-4.5km,Yonke Mbebe-3km,Lindokuhle Mzongwana-600m(ill due to stomach),Siphesihle Budaza-3.3km,Siphokazi Vazi-2.4km,Ziyanda Gwejela-2.4km,Neliswa Khethe-2.8km.

Find more photos here:

By: Terri-Lynn Penney on November 23rd 2011 03:27 [0 comments]

My future

What do you want to be when you finish school?why

In my future I want to be a men that is going to work hard.I want to become a military trooper and I want to serve my country and other countries.I know its hard to be a soldier but it is what I always think about.I want to say to every soldier that gord bless you I love you.

Will you need to go to university?

Yes of course it is very important.

Do you think university is important?why

Yes to me it is very important, because there are lot of things you learn and do.

Who helps you achieve your dreams?

My family,teachers.They are very helpfull.

Who has inspired you to be what you want to be when you finish school?

Mr Nelson Mandela showed S.A that how to be a hero.

By: Sihle Magopeni on October 15th 2013 12:13 [0 comments]

My favourite Madiba Shirt

A Madiba shirt or rather "The Madiba" is a colourful and bright batik silk shirt. It has become a well-known nickname for batik shirts in South Africa and all over the world, being popularised by the former South African president Nelson Mandela. Madiba was Mandela's clan name and expresses respect and affection for the person bearing the title.
The first Madiba shirt was originally designed by the designer Desré Buirski and given to Mandela as a present when he visited Cape Town. She handed it to his bodyguard with a note attached saying "Thank you for everything you have done and the sacrifices you have made for our beloved country".
Mandela wore the shirt the next day to the dress rehearsal for the opening of Parliament, and was photographed on the front page of a local newspaper. Since then, Buirski had made him more than 120 different shirts.
Buirski’s shirts became Mandela’s signature dress style and an important factor in his political strive for a united South Africa.

By: Larissa Willy on October 21st 2015 09:59 [0 comments]

My Opinions

1-Do you want to be to use Awarenet or computers more often?
2-Why would you want to use computer and awarenet more often?
=because it me to improve my spelling and reading.
3-What new things would you like to learn about computers and internet?
=how to fix them and how to chart to other people from different countries.
4-What is your favourite classat school?Why?
=English and Natural science
5-Who is your favourite teacher?why?
=MS frank because she is funny and understand.
6-Do you like going to school?
7- What is your favourite thing about school?
=My classmates.
8-What do you want to be when you grow up?
= I want to be a fashion or interior designer.
9-write a short story about the best day at school.
=My best day at school it was at Nathaniel Pamla High in PEDDIE when we all didn't do a English homework and my teachers wanted the principal to give us warning the our parents we called and they came and we were given the warning after that we called our meeting and reminded the teacher that you didn't come to the class you sent a student .And the principal was like dissapointed .That was my BEST DAY!!!!!!!!!...

By: Nombuzo Valela on October 8th 2013 12:16 [0 comments]

my opinions


By: Thina Ncula on October 8th 2013 12:16 [0 comments]

My Opinions

1- Do you want to be able to use Awarenet or computers more often?

2- Why would you want to use computers and awarenet more often?

3- What new things would you like to learn about computers and the internet?

4- What is your favourite class at school? Why?

5- Who is your favourite teacher? Why?

6- Do you like going to school?

7- What is your favourite thing about school?

8- What do you want to be when you grow up?

9- Write a short story about your best day at school

By: Amy Davidson on October 8th 2013 12:09 [0 comments]

my opinions





BECAUSE WE ARE LEARNNING MORE about computers and we are gaining more education through this section.

What new things would you like to learn about computers and the internet?

I would like to learn we to put some through the internet because I would like to put my track through the internet......

Who is your favourite teacher why?

My favourite teacher is miss frans because she is the one who is teaching us teaching us English.

By: Aphiwe Solani on October 8th 2013 02:17 [0 comments]

My Opinions

1-Do you want to be able to use Awarenet or Computers more often?

A-Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

2-Why would you want to use computers and awarenet more often?

a-I like to keep in contact with others

3-what new things would you like to learn about computers and internet?

a-the is not much that I want to learn about computers or internet

4-what is your favourite class at school, why?

a-my class grade 9 because it is the best the is and the best the was

5-who is your favourite teacher? Why?

A-Miss frans because she is the best

6-Do you like going to school?

A-yes! Yes!

7-what is your favourite thing about school?

a-Education, my friends, the teachers and food

8-what do you

By: Ayabonga Nonyathi on October 8th 2013 12:14 [0 comments]

My Opinions

Do you want to be able to use awarenet or computers more often?
Yes I do
Why would you want to use computers and awarenet more often?
Because the is so much one can take or learn by using awarenet or other websites.
What new things would you like to learn about computers and the internet?
I just want to learn all that there is to learn.
What is your favourite class at school?Why?
The English class, because during it we are able to express our emotions while writting essays and dialogues.
Who is your favourite teacher?Why?
My favourite teacher is miss Frans because she is such a commited teacher and she is so perssinate about her work.
Do you like going to school?
Yes I do a lot .
What is your favourite thing about school?
My favourite thing is that school opens up oppotunities for the future.
What do you want to you want to be when you grow up?
When I grow up I would like to work in the media industry.

Write a short story about your best day at school.

The best day at school was when I saw myself at the Upstart newspaper and my article was published tha is a day I will never forget.

By: Lindokuhle Jawa on October 8th 2013 12:14 [0 comments]

My peace day experiance

The peace day concert was on the 5th of october at the Noluthando Hall in Joza location near the Duna library.It was awesome and there were five schools participating:Ntaba Maria,Victoria girls,Good sherperd,khutliso daniels and obviously CM Vellem.There Hall was full of hundreds of people around Grahamstown and outside.What i learn't is that no one is a looser.

The first school to perform was Good sherperd and they did well i think.We were the last to perform our peace day song but the beat was the same from the Sonic Art Studio and Rhodes university as well take part and we won the best performance just like last year..

By: Mcoboki Thawodwethu on October 14th 2014 12:08 [0 comments]

My peace day experience

My peace day experience.

My peace day was awsome and people were great.On that day we had differrent schools and all schools were wearing Full Uniform.We had a concert that is called Awarenet,it was about peace and love.Each school had a group to present their school name.My most thing that i liked was when i sang my verse but at that time i was very nervouse and it was my first day to sing in front of everyone and you know what they say,they say keep on singing then all your nerves will be gone just like that.As a group of CM Vellem we did our best and we would like to represent it again.My experience is to be talented in every project at school.

By: Mihlali Ncula on October 14th 2014 12:12 [0 comments]

my peace day experience

I enjoyed peace day songs because learners were reporting a message to people about love and peace.There were five schools who were reporting the message and there were 40 learners from different schools and they were performing on the stage to show to people how love and peace is. they were all doing the best and it was very difficult to win because every school was taking their talent out and show people. We tryed to win but we didn't because it was not easy and some other danced as well as they can. But anyway it was a very great day and it was funny. There were some rappers from rhodes university who were showing us their talent.

By: Nqola Sihle on October 14th 2014 12:10 [0 comments]

my peace day experience

my peace day experience i was so happy to see people pappy.when the mothers your people in give were the my like. Sayivuyila the peace day some of the shools we the thina she say much become for by you.Many so things best say were you may there she was.come you are opporites.

By: Plaatjies Ntombozuko on October 14th 2014 12:13 [0 comments]

my peace day experience

My peace day experience
The peace day was something enjoy concert people enjoy very different
so nice concert because the people enjoy the concert
So its very nice concert because its not fights very very nice concert.

By: Amanda Masa on October 14th 2014 12:22 [0 comments]

My peace day expirience

My peace day experience

When I first came in at Noluthando Hall, I was scared because I was not sure about my self. I saw the other school were just cool, and I also become cooler too.Most people were celebrating the peace day,but I was just cooling myself down for the concert.
It was very nice to be there,there was music I liked to listen in my leisure time at home.The last thing has made me feel comfortable, my group was the last group enters the stage and I was calm at that time.When we looked around we didn't have the supporters but by the time goes on our teacher and the principal came in.
The concert started and the groups in front of us sings very well. And now our turn was around the corner we discussed what we do and not do by the group.We get to the stage and start singing and we we sang very well.When we go back down our teachers told us that they are impressed an we get excited.

In the results time we were just cool knowing that we will get something even if its only one thing.And we were the BEST STAGE PERFORMANCE we were so excited.

By: Kosi Jennifer on October 14th 2014 02:13 [1 comment]

Observations - Rory Usher

I attended the Awarenet sessions held at C.M Vellem school on two occasions and interacted with a class of approximately 20 students between the ages of 14 and 15. Despite the numerous challenges that this community faces economically, like many others in this country, the main area of concern at the school was the lack of literacy and specifically that of technological literacy. My chief involvement in these Awarenet sessions at C.M Vellem, apart from my photographic duties, was to help the children in solidifying their grasp of using the Awarenet software as well as helping them in aspects such as spelling and grammar.

I found that the main issues that children faced with gaining traction with the technology was a combination of a lack of familiarity with the software coupled with grammatical issues. On both occasions the children were asked to write blog posts either based on a personal experience of theirs or from a picture of a specific person or topic given to them by the coordinator Terri-Lynn Penney. As a single coordinator it was evident that Terri-Lynn was at times overwhelmed by the number of requests regarding grammar and so it became starkly clear that some form of voluntary participation programme would be highly useful as it would allow more children to be helped more frequently.

The availability of internet access continues to plague many of the schools in which Awarenet projects have been installed and this was evident at C.M Vellem on my final day of observation as the internet was temporarily down and so Terri-Lynn was unable to connect the kids to the web in order to perform research. These are not technological aspects that are insurmountable but reflect a growing need to address technological innovation both in the educational sphere and on a more macro, national level.

The lack of internet activity on this day also nullified one of the main tenets of the Awarenet project which is a heightened level of social interaction. Due to the lack of internet access the children who had written blog posts were unable to post them to the web immediately and this severely limits the social potential of the use of Awarenet at C.M Vellem. This lack of connectivity highlights the gap that is widening at an extreme rate in this country between the privileged with access to the internet, for whom it is taken for granted, and those who are neglected due to lack of economic strength.

By: Amber Davies on October 16th 2013 03:50 [0 comments]

peace day concert

In my peace day i was very disapointed we win one award that day other school win many award especially kutliso secondary school i pray for that my school will never lose again i witch good luck for other peace day i hope we will not loose any more for shore we try for what we where doing ipromise that we will not loose again i promise it was a greatfull day my Body was tired we where not the first perfomance. Good LUCK.

By: Hawabe Asanda on October 14th 2014 12:51 [0 comments]

Spread the love!

On Friday, the 14th of February, we arranged a Love Campaign, called “Spread the love” in relation to Valentine’s Day. About 1000 children from four schools in Grahamstown attended to the project. Early in the morning, we (Terri- Lynn Penney, Antje Hering and Rieke Heitmueller) visited the Good Shepherd School to start with the project and got help from the Rhodes University student, Nosie Mahlaba Ngqwala.
An organization from Cape Town, called “Magic Live” which campaigns for a good environment and respect between people had the idea of spreading love on Valentine’s Day by hugging people. We joined the project and broaden it by painting red and green hearts on the cheeks of the children, taking photos and getting them on the camera for a little video about this project. The kids had to held posters with the words “SPRED THE LOVE” and “FREE HUGS”, while shouting “Spread the love”, singing or dancing.
The students were very excited about this project, especially the little ones. Our grade nine awarenet learners from the C.M Vellem School helped me painting the kids, so that everyone got a heart on their cheeks.
Furthermore, all the students wore casual clothes in the colors of red and white instead of their school uniform.
To complete this project successfully, we will let some students write a blog about the “Spread the love” project and will interview them for the video.
We had a lot of fun!!

By: Rieke Heitmüller on February 18th 2014 09:06 [0 comments]

The awarenet projects of 2015 so far

The first half year of 2015 has been quite successful so far. After a general introduction of the awarenet platform we have worked on two long projects, attended the Science Festival and invited to our awarenet Open Day as part of International Girls in ICT Day.

The schools I decided to work with in 2015 was Khulitso Daniel SS, C.M Vellem HPS, Ntaba Maria PS, Good Shepard PS working with Grade 7, 8 and 9. Lukas worked from the Joza Youth Hub with Seventh Day Adventist School and Archie Mbolekwa SS, Victoria Girls High School and the Upstart group in the first term. Introductions included a general introduction to social media and working with profile pages, friends network, multi-media.

The first project we worked on for the term was the Science Project. The theme we worked on was "Life after School", we worked on career choices. We wrote Blogs, and added sections to the project. We later on divided learners into groups of about 5 learners where each group had to design their own poster with the topic “Life after School". Lots of posters were designed with different ideas on what the learners thought “Life after School” meant to them. A bit of judging was done on the posters and three posters were chosen as the best ones and were later be displayed at the "SciFest".

We attended "SciFest" to promote awarenet and to tell people about our project we worked on during the few weeks before "SciFest". Lots of schools visited "SciFest". Victoria Girls HS was also there to promote their school and the project they were working on. Our awarenet learners also had the opportunity to attend "SciFest", namely Ntaba Maria PS, Seventh Day Adventist School, Archie Mbolekwa SS and Upstart. The overall winners of the poster competition had the opportunity to go to the "SciFest" namely Ntaba Maria PS and Seventh Day Adventist School. The learners enjoyed the atmosphere and they had fun walking around and looking through all the different activities.

In the second school term we started with the Health and Fitness Project. Learners had the opportunity to play sport, get fit and learn more about team sport. The learners played different sports like soccer, netball adding some fitness exercises for general strength. We had motivational speakers who came to the schools and gave motivational talks to the learners about motivation in sport. Rooi Rikhotso talked about how to keep motivated in sport while still focusing on academics, not to get involved in wrong doings and wrong friends, he shared his experiences with the Ntaba Learners. Seventh Day Adventist School and Good Shepard PS had the opportunity to listen to Thandoxolo Royi talking about his sport, Karate. Chris Tobela motivated C.M Vellem HPS with his Soccer Coaching skills giving them advice how to achieve in Soccer. Blogs were written about the motivational talks.

We used the awarenet forum to discuss sporting habits and eating habits. Learners also wrote blogs about good and bad eating habits. We still continued to play lots of sports getting fit for our Health & Fitness Day held close to Youth Day. Our final big day in the health and fitness was held on the 12 June 2015. We played soccer dividing in 5 member teams. The overall winners in the soccer tournament was C.M Vellem HPS. Being the winners of the tournament they each received a water bottle sponsored by Run/Walk for Life. The Mr. and Miss. Fitness was up next six boys and six girls partaking in this event. They had to do sit ups, push ups and star jumps for 45sec. The persons with the most points would be the overall winners. Zezuthu Fikani of the S.D.A School and Thanduxolo Rooi of Nombulelo P.S were the overall winners. They each received a sponsored School Stationary (rulers, rubber, pencil cases and pens) from Albany business machines.

We were also entertained by a Karate demonstration by the Joza Karate Club. It was a great fun day out learners has fun, the Fitness project was a great. Thank you to all who contributed to our sports day, Run/Walk for Life a R500 donation towards food and water bottles, Albany Business Machines for donating School Stationary and Madhatters for a cake.

Next term we will start our Peace Day music Project a Project that’s a very successful one the last 2 years.

By: Terri-Lynn Penney on June 25th 2015 02:46 [0 comments]

The Highs and lows of 2013


My best moment was that we were enjoying learning how to write a song and watching the awarenet video.


My worst moment was on last week with rhodes university students.We were enjoying crisps and drinks it was very good.


I would like to keep on reading my books because the exams are on the way.


I wish I could pass grade 9 and go to other school.I want to see new things from other teachers.

By: Sihle Magopeni on October 30th 2013 08:50 [0 comments]

The Peace and Music Project – The last four Years

Nathaniel Nayluza in action during the peace day concert.

During the last four years we have hosted three awarenet Peace Day Concerts with five different schools participating every year. All songs were originally written and rapped in isiXhosa or English, with lots of time and effort going into composing, rhyming and practicing for the big concert. Participating schools were Mary Waters HS, Nombulelo SS, C.M Vellem HPS, Good Shepard PS, Ntaba Maria PS, Khulitso Daniel SS, Nathaniel Nayluza SS. Intense training in lyrics and vocal training was given by Sonic Art Studio. After about 10 weeks of preparation it all came together at our annual Peace Day Concert (International Peace Day: 21/9) which is usually held in the Joza location. Teams competed in rapping, singing and performing against each other for the best overall Peace Song. Overall winners so far were Mary Waters HS, Ntaba Maria PS and Victoria Girls High School respectively.

Good Shepard learners busy recording their Peace Song at the Rhodes Music Department

The best male and female rappers also receive a certificate and a prize for their effort. Another certificate is usually given out for best lyrics. The concerts were well attended by local people.

Subsequently, all songs were recorded professionally once by Sonic Art Studio and twice by the Rhodes University Music and Musicology Department. Two CD launch parties took place so far, the third will happen soon. The overall winners (Mary Waters HS and Ntaba Maria PS) of the best Peace Song also had the opportunity to have their own music video professionally made. Victoria Girls High School’s music video will be produced soon. Mary Waters HS’s video was taken in the areas around their school, while Ntaba Maria PS’s was taken in the Botanical Gardens and at the Settlers Monument with a beautiful view of the city. This year we will be hosting the Peace Day Concert again in September 21 and training for this big day will begin in the third term.

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The sketch Pad on awareNet awesome Stuff!

When i first got to hear about the sketch pad on awareNet I thought wow that sounds awesome and thought this is going to be great fun to work on.My first time working on the sketch pad I had to chose a photo to work on choosing the photo I thought I would start scribbling on it the way it is I used the plane and simple brush technique with a colorful line decorating the photo.M mm!!! I thought not to bad for a first timer using the scetch pad,but I definintly wasnt a superior draw artist.But as I started working more on the sketch pad I realized this is so cool and there is so many different functions on the sketch pad and so many ways to decorate your photo.I started playing around and must say I preferred the plain pictures in bright colors.I discovered the stamp designs and there were so many to chose from butterflies to leaves from leaves designs to flowers from flowers to many other different stamps designs.

Not only one design of each but so many different ones to chose from,man was I having fun,the more I worked on the sketch Pad the more I discovered what you could do on your picture!I think the sketch pad is great to use on awareNet and cant wait to introduce it to the learners.

to see sketch project:
to read blog about the sketch pad:

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Third Term awareNet sessions in around Grahamstown schools has been successful!

AwareNet is being taught by at least 9 disadvantages schools in and around Grahamstown and the third term of the school year has been the busiest of all the terms for me since starting my job as Community Coordinator for Village Scribe.. Association. More schools to work with this term and a lot more learners has joined awareNet.

The different schools doing awareNet this term is Ntsika,Ntaba Maria,Khuhliso Daniel,Nombulelo,Nayluza,Mary Waters and C.M Vellem.At Ntsika more then 100 learners are part of awareNet,they started at the beginning of the year and the project they were part of was The Health and Fitness project a lot of things as part of the fitness project was done on awareNet. Alot was also learnt by the learners. Ntsika is one of the schools I have seen a lot of growth and knowledge learnt over the last couple of months.

The Newest school and learners to join awareNet this term is Ntaba Maria with only 20 learners eager to learn and get to know more about awareNet. This schools computer lab was closed for more then two years absolutely nothing was functioning in this computer Lab after a lot of talking and convincing the principle he decided it time to get things repaired. It was going to cost a lot to repair computers but luckily insurance was going to cover the Repair costs.

For the first two weeks of the learners being on awareNet they worked on word documents that was copy paste to their awareNet accounts. I can say with Joy that the learners did their first session on awarenet four weeks after the computers were being repaired. Great things still to come from Ntaba Maria and awareNet at this school.

After months of trying to get awareNet going at Nayluza and Nombulelo two teachers took the computer lab into their care got a group together to do awareNet once a week. Nombulelo has a group of over 20 learners most of them attending the sessions so far ,yesterday their session was done during break time filling the class to 28.Nayluza has also returned to doing awareNet after their lab was also closed f several months not functioning at all.

Khuhliso Daniels is also one of the newest schools to join awareNet they have a beautiful computer lab with more the 30 computers.Due to having no internet at this school we do a mobile lab set up so that awareNet could be used on their computers.Other schools using the mobile lab set up is Ntaba Maria,Nombulelo and Ntsika this set up has been very successful at these schools giving learners access to awareNet.

Two other schools C.M Vellem and Mary Waters also have beautiful computer-labs were learners could work on awareNet.To put things into one sentence THE LEARNERS LOVE awareNet!

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what have i learnd on awarent program

on awerenet program i have learnt more things,things like how to communicate with someone and hw to act, how to read.this what i have learnt

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What i learn with awournet

I leaned that T B is an infectious deases so we must not get infected.

I also learned that we must care for each other

I learn that the are many deases in south Africa like malaria,cancer t b and more

awernet is the key of our dreams i will never forget about it


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