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If I could be Mandela I would.......

Are will never foget my county

Nelson Mandela he try to stop freedom at this world .He is are good man at South Africa .I love you because of that things you do four as.U try to stop things that are not good at south Africa.Nelson Mandela are the hero in s.a bocouse of the things that he do

Nelson Rholihlahla Mandela he is not bad man it is are good man in ather people but another people he hate he because of theyr things that he do in south Africa.Tata he is are good man because he try to be with as at all in south Africa are love you very very well

By: Radu Phakama on October 28th 2014 10:28 [0 comments]

If I could be Mandela I would.......

If I was Nelson Manela I would have a force people that they were the drop-outs at schools at the young age having them to go and learn at their last school that have droppped out wanting them to make sure that they learn for thei future no matter which school they learn maybe at a tertiary at age of 20. If I was Nelson Mandela I would tell the police that if they young teenager at the streets not wearing a uniform that they must take a child and himher where is the teenager school and when the teenager tells the scool the police must take teenager to the school but if the teenager don't want to go to school must make the teenager scared.

By: Sanka Yanga on October 28th 2014 10:58 [0 comments]

If I could be Mandela I would.......

If I was nelson mandela I would just say stop abusing each other and the crime must stop…and the teenagers must stop falling pregnant without finishing education…and we must all treats the same and every person must have the right to say no heshe must have all the rights.and I would build the houses for black people who are seafaring and make sure that all the country is having a clean environment and the country is having a clean water and the good health…..and I would build schools and make sure that people gets the jobs.
Giving all the childrens grants every end of the mounth and buildings the hospitals and making transport

By: Msinywa Asemahle on October 28th 2014 10:10 [0 comments]

If I could be Mandela I would.......

If was nelson mandela I wouid I most doing the massege for he and I will giving it was try troppement for south Africa . it was very so scad for south Africa the another courtis saw speccal when I most giving the massege for he . it was saw document to count prison . nelson mandela he going to improve the standards to south Africa would to tata mandela the furthermore advatege to livinn

By: Jezi Nokubonga on October 28th 2014 10:26 [0 comments]

If I could be Mandela I would.......

If I was Nelson Mandela I would have created more jobs for everyone .I would have created more schools for everyone to have brighter Presidents. I would have made a place whereby every single Cristian would go and pray the holy name of the Lord father. I would have made safer places for children to play such as playgrounds. I would have not allowed everyone to have some gun because gun destroys our nation. I would have built some Old Age homes for our grandparents. I would have made some Police stations to have controlled law. I would have created some roads that would help everyone to travel safe.

By: Moko Siphosethu on October 28th 2014 10:55 [0 comments]

If I could be Mandela I would.......

What I will do if I was Nelson Mandela I would help the people from my community and the world .I would be the ruler of the world. I would

Tell the people from the municipality to go all around the world telling them to see the people who are suffering from homes, food, so that I will produce this to the people who really need them. I would bring down the houses and build new houses that will be the same as the rich guy’s houses. Build more schools for our learners, and build universities for those who already going to university. Then as a president I will get to inspire lot of people and they can also live their love life.

By: PRINCE MVUMELWANO on October 28th 2014 07:45 [0 comments]

If I could be Mandela I would.......

If I was Mandela I would like to look my country get a freedom. Because of many South Africans do not have jobs because do not finish heher study. Because our family they us for to get work. Start 1994 when Mandela going out on prison was found our freedom.

By: Mbebhetho Sinethemba on October 28th 2014 10:23 [0 comments]

If I could be Mandela I would.......

If I was was Mandela I would fight for my country to be better than other's. I would fight for people who suffer in hospital not getting medication, fight for people who don't have houses, unemployed. I would fight with whites people to make my people happy and free in their country. I will do all my best to improve my trust worthly. I will do exactly what Mandela do to make his country to be proud of him even throu his under groung.

I would accept the 27years of jail because Mandela didn't died there in prison. I know it was hard to Mandela but he did a great thing for us. But the country is not the same like when Mandel was still alive. People destroy this country doing thing that are not acceptable.

By: Simani Siphiwokazi on October 28th 2014 10:43 [0 comments]

If I could be Mandela I would.......

I Nelson Mandela the South African president confess that I still got a lot to do at this country, making the country beautiful and one of the country that will be recognized as the best. By doing this jobs will also be created to those who need them.

I will give people the opportunity to they want this to look like which will make us live happy and the country will be free corrupted and we will live together country express what. I will try to put this country on the map by making the countries economy high by building more companies that will boost the economy. Coming to education I will try and build more schools that will be free paying schools and building more universities. Universities like drama school, music schools, and sports school etc. I believe if the majority of people in the country are well educated we can all run the country with peace and our knowledge will encounter every obstacle that will be on our way.

By: NOYILA LUYOLO on October 28th 2014 07:43 [0 comments]

If I could be Mandela I would.......

If I was Nelson Mandela I would give them a building, jobs, water and food for their people first who their suffering and then after that am going to see their housing. And then after that I will see what am going to start another thing. For their people who suffering a food, jobs, housing. When I was see after what am doing great things for them.

And then I will see another thing what suppose am doing for their people. And then after that am going to another country to see what happening and then what if I see their people it is work hard. I will make a plan for them. First I will start there I give them a housing and then give them a jobs I want to give them I love to see them am a good person.

By: Valela Lindokuhle on October 28th 2014 10:21 [0 comments]

If I could be Mandela I would.......

If I was Nelson Mandela I would give people buildings, jobs, End I would give children a better education that they deserve

By: Vara Sinesipho on October 28th 2014 10:42 [0 comments]

If I could be Mandela I would.......


If I were Mandela I would try to change South Africa so that it would become a better country. People especially those who’s rights were discriminated would be sent to jail and there wouldn’t be a bail for you since you’d be discriminating other people’s rights. I would build houses for the poor people and homeless people and I would build old aged houses for old aged people. I would support everyone who needs my help. South Africa would be a better and peaceful country. Since freedom is given to everyone that doesn’t mean that you could do everything which is unacceptable and those people would be sent to jail immediately and everyone would be treated fairly and equally like the others because everyone is equal in front of the Lord’s eyes. Everyone would have rights and no must discriminated other people’s rights. I would really love South Africa to be a better country and that everyone must at least work because people die because of hunger and I wouldn’t want my country to catch diseases quickly because of their hunger. I would want South Africa to build many clinics and hospital and school for people who won’t be able to afford school fees so that means those people who can’t afford would have free education and I would increase the social grant and the pensioners money would also increase. South Africa would have new laws because not everyone is following those laws and if you don’t follow my laws you would go to jail straight away and I wouldn’t argue with anyone, NO BAIL, NO NOTHING.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If only I was the president, my country would actually be a better and peaceful country in the Whole Wild World and everyone would have peace and quietness in their homes and areas.

By: PULO KAMVELIHLE on October 28th 2014 07:37 [0 comments]

If I could be Mandela I would.......

If I was Nelson Mandela I would first build houses for old people and then lastly for younger people because many old people suffer and some of them live in shack.Sometimes when it rains or these a lot of wind these shacks fall and the rain gets in.Secondly I would build schools for everyone so that they can get a better information and make their dreams come true and expand their future.

Thirdly I would build hospitals for everyone but different hospitals.I would build hospitals for children and then build hospitals for old people.I would also build parks for children to play so that

By: Mnyamana Anelisa on October 28th 2014 10:18 [0 comments]

If I could be Mandela I would.......

if I was Mandela I would...

if i was mandela i was going to make one dicision and say stop drugs couse our childrens abuse drugs at the same time they are going to die or have desease.

I would go to countries and call a meeting and say sit down and talk to your childrens and they should listen to there parent.

And say stop to bullyisim to the young stars like us and stop alcohol to childrens.

Liyema mpuntshe and babalwa skaap.

By: Babalwa Skaap on October 31st 2014 01:55 [0 comments]

If I could be Mandela I would.......

If I were Mandela I would provide shelter for the street kids, and buy myself a big house.

I would also build a building whereby it will provide clothes for the poor. I would let every one be paid half a million in there jobs two every month.

I would give Ntaba Maria a hostel for kids who come from far away places. Build more houses for people around the country. Peoples grant will R5000.

People will be very happy to have me as their president because I would do my best. I would provide play fields to location people because I can see they love sport. Prices of other schools will be decreased because they are too expensive. I would also provide school for the street kids. I would make sure that every gets medical aid and it must be free. Every one must have jobs here in South Africa. Children must not be allowed in tarvens and wont be allowed to drink, if they do they must be put in rehabs. I would change some of the laws and know one must discriminate other peoples rights if they do they will be sent to jail for a month or two.

By: TWEBA YONELA on October 28th 2014 11:21 [0 comments]

If I could be Mandela I would.......



By: Simana Bulelwa on October 28th 2014 10:33 [0 comments]

If I could be Mandela I would.......

If I was Nelson Manela I would do things that the country das not have like water we do have water but is not save for the country. Most of people the don't have jobs and they depending on grant young people they live school because of the want the money of grant.

By: Sandile Mali on October 28th 2014 11:12 [0 comments]

If I could be Mandela I would.......


If I were Mandela and still a president of

SA I would make sure every child has a

Shelter by building 1000 houses for orphans in each

Province, which that can create jobs for many people.

I think by doing that it would reduce the rate of crime,

Drugs transportation, because the very same children

Who sleep under stars gets to rob people, murder just

for one slice of bread. What I would change the most

is the way South Africa is governed (communism

system) to capitalism .Capitalism- every soul shall

for the country, poverty will be history ,I think in that

way south Africa will be financially stable.

By: TULWANA APHIWE on October 28th 2014 07:30 [0 comments]

If I could be Mandela I would.......

I would treat my people like more important than me not because I am a president of the country but just because that my village I live in is not more explored by government the only thing I just want to do something that will amaze the country that I live in.

The other thing I just want to for people is to create jobs for people and to not struggle for applying for them and other people want to show out their skill for some interesting purpose of wanting a job and the salary that they will get will be added with5% of money

More often people in our country are disabled so what methods could I say or make for them to be good and to decrease the number of people that are disable and have their own home for living and were they will be safe.

By: XASHIMBA MVUZO on October 28th 2014 11:25 [0 comments]

If I could be Mandela I would.......

If I was Nelson Mandela I would give more food to people, build houses for old people and for the youth lastly, and build more shelters for the children suffering in the streets. I would build these houses for the old people because most live in the shacks and mud houses and when it rains the houses get full by water and the furniture get wet.I would change all this grant thing for people under 20 who are pregnant, because it ruins the country because all people want to have babies because of all this money.

I would also build parks for the children.

By: Plaatjie Sinesipho on October 28th 2014 10:31 [0 comments]

If I could be Mandela I would.......

If was Nelson Mandela I would lake to do fisti is to loke people and consitrat to people and iam sapous to do . Everything to do lake as well I am to help other people to do same thingis lake houses and other thing to do .If I was do things lake ther peple we want to do samething special and it is sow good wen . And if it is sow good I will help to do same things to do coz if you are a Nelson Mandela .And it is also good to do help the other people and it .

By: Ngcingci Ntombothando on October 28th 2014 11:04 [0 comments]

If I could be Mandela I would.......

If I was Mandela

If I was Mandela I would try to change the standard of living for black people and I would come up with a new law that say that ‘a family must not have more than 2 children’.I would try to change the situation of public school and try it to make it better like privet school.I would employ more experienced teachers in public school so that learners can be more educated.I would provide more R.D.P houses.The situation of political parties,Not more than 3 political parties.I would remove the taxies and put public buses around for people to ride von that would be more cheaper tan taxies.I would try to support all local sport fields and local teams.I wuld try to increase the social grant money and try to make their life’s easer.I would employ people to keep south Africa clean and I would try to make every one equal to one another in a way of developing.In the situation of tenders I would not let privet companies to take over my countries because they only want to make profit by the money that I give them to build rode or houses.That is what I would do if I would be the president.

By: KAHLANA ANDILE on October 28th 2014 07:24 [0 comments]

If I could be Mandela I would.......

If I were Mandela….!!

If I were Mandela and still the president of South Africa I would improve education and have shelter for the homeless and also provide food to those that don’t have. I would also have laws that everyone agree to and would love. I would also build school in rural areas and employ people in every race and color and have an equal country…I would build thousands of university’s for every subjects like doctors law ect the will be no expensive schools so that every human being can be educated because education is the key to success… food will go down about R19.00 the grant that will be given will be R5000 per month and the will be also free education to all. As the president of the country I will have no corruption and no more toy-toys…I will also have no people being dragged down on the soil for we are one race and that is the human race you are all equal in my eyes and you all should have the same mind set for you all human beings in the eyes of the lord and you are ALL brothers and sisters whether you black,white,pink,yellow or gray. We shall all be in the same sports and play very fear. The jails of south Africa shall be improved and the feeding will also be improved. My south Africa will be a RAINMBOW NATION.

By: ROYI SIPHOSETHU on October 28th 2014 10:02 [0 comments]

if i was mandela i would

If I was nelson madela i would've made a rule that says no-ne under the age of of 20 should have a baby or be drug addicts because sometimes people's lives get ruined of unnecessary things and that is not supposed to happen and sometimes it affects their educatiion and some of them leave school in primary and that was not nelson madela's wish.

Nelson Mandela's wish was to make sure every individual should get good education and become something better in life and now that's not whats happen now children don't follow any rules they just getting busy with bad things having boyfriends/girlfriends instead of focusing on your school work.

I wish that the rule I prefer should be made because it can capture teenagers brains and start believing the same.

By: Athenkosi Kitsili on October 31st 2014 08:18 [0 comments]

If i was mandela i would

If i was nelson mandela i would make people to be rich like others so they must not suftand make them to feel free so they can move on like mandela at my country in south africa i would make to look smilling like they walk in town that why i like to be mandela so.At school children can eat free at school mandela was the goodest man in this country.

By: Zikhons Mahlakohlaka on October 28th 2014 02:37 [0 comments]

if I was mandela i would

if i was mandela i would take the poor people and make them rich if they could control themselves,this is real life people we love money and we'd do anything to put our hands and i would make houses for those who did not have any help animals have their rights because animals are important to our enviroment and thats what iwould do if i was MANDELA

By: Liyema Gacula on October 31st 2014 08:08 [0 comments]

if i was mandela i would

If I was Mandela I would change the world by helping people by build houses for them and make sure that they have better education and if they dont have money to send them to school I would give them schoolership to make sure that they are in school and I would build old age home for the older people and I would build clinic for the commnunities to be easy for them to get their medications e.g (ARVs).

And I would like to change the world to be the better world ,not to be kill people or rape our sisters and grannys ,and if we see people who do that report it to the police

By: Sibabalwe Minnie on October 31st 2014 08:14 [0 comments]

If I was Mandela I would

If I was Mandela I would save the children of south africa becuase the is so much hunger her in south africa for some reasons this hunger comes by when children parents are both not imployed this kids turn out to be droping out of school becuase of this matters and some they live in the streets.

I would help this kids by telling the government to go out in the streets and help this kids and also give them e,g warm clothes & food and tell them to go to school.And also encrease the grant money to R400 if they are still going to school.The next thing that I would change in south africa the lack of sports in schools and in townships I would take choaches all around south africa to go to the schools and townships and teach all kind of sports so that we can have many sport stars that wiil take part in the olympics in 2016..

By: Royi Thawaxolo on October 28th 2014 12:06 [0 comments]

If I was Mandela I would.

If i was Nelson Mandela i would fight to be a president of South Africa forever .so that South Africa can be the same as when Mandela was the first black black president in South Africa,Because now South Africa its too different,people are killing each other,people are getting disease that cant be cured ,but in the early when Mandela was a president there where no disease anymore .Children out there dont want school,If Mandela was still a president there would be no poor people or suffering from everything . Mandela was the best President ever because he know's how to do president's duty and know how to leader people .

By: Ziphelele Fatyi on October 31st 2014 08:06 [0 comments]

If I was Mandela I would...

If i was Nelson Mandela i would look after the homless children and put them in homes.I would build houses for people that live in unstable homes .I would make people feel free.I would arest all the robbers.I would build more school for children that dont learn .I would treat everyone equal and sometimes i would go visit old age homes and child care centers .I would clean all the damaged enviroments .I would help everywhere i could cause i love South africa

By: Asekho Makinana on October 31st 2014 08:11 [0 comments]

If I was Mandela I would...

Treat each and every citizen equal. I would make sure poor people are employed and every child who is not going to school. I would sponsor each and every public school stationery every term and with sports things. I would not allow persons under the age of 18 to enter Tavern doors. Public taxis to be free of charge. Also public schools to not pay school fees at all Each and every SOUTH AFRICAN schools to only allow the children to go home at 16:00 and each and every learner has to have something to do at school for example sports ,grammar and debate group.

By: NDAWUNI AVIWE on November 3rd 2014 03:44 [0 comments]

If I was Mandela I would...

If I was Nelson Mandela i would treat everyone equaly and i would stop everyone from dicriminating each other,if you dicriminate one another you will be punished or even judge some one of their own doings.I believe that equality is very important because some of you guyz get jealous of another person or feel that they doing better than you than so you decide to put them in a corner not knowing how they are feeling.And most of all I believe that racism for example when a white person or coloured person go's into the location where most of all the black people live they will say ''this is'nt coloure area or town this where we guys rule because you guys think you better than us''.That is what I would do if I was Nelson Mandela change people's minds and tell them the war is over and black people and coloured people always discriminate each other but they dont know that if it was'nt for all of us agreeing to put the past behind us we would'nt be here.THANK YOU =)

By: Maphelo Ndemka on October 31st 2014 08:11 [0 comments]

If I was Mandela I would...

If i was Mandela I would give people jobs and give them food and i will build homes for the poor and will tell them to make more babes and I will tell the people that makes cars to give every home a car and I would tell everyone to play spot and people will honor the (A.N.C)by doing good to the A.N.C and me.

By: MANONA BULELA on November 3rd 2014 03:48 [0 comments]

If I was Mandela I would...

If I was Mandela I would treat everyone the same and stop crime e.g rape,killing and racism.I would not have a favourite person and if anyone broke the rules I would send them out of the country.Because some of the people who don't have money or suffering I would give them more grant money.I would build them better houses and if the person already has a house but is renting I would take him/her to go stay in their houses and for those who don't have anything,some people want more than one houses but they must also think of the homless.Hiring someone to come and clean your house for you that would stop because instead of you getting them jobs don't hire them to do housework for you because they also have houses to clean,a family to feed.So if you know that you have enough food or enough money the least you can do is give it to charity.No whites only will live in town I will mix them all together and blacks will be able to live in town and the whites will be able to live in the location.In schools too any child will go to any school they prefare even if it's an afrikaans school the child will go to that school because he/she can start learning afrikaans,no schools for whites only and no school for blacks only

Thank You

p.s no discrimination

By: Anelisa Tinga on October 31st 2014 08:05 [0 comments]

if I was Mandela I would...

if I was mandela i would make peace and I would change people from doing drugs and that they can be healthyand strong. and they can take care of their selfs.

By: Aphelele Lombo on October 31st 2014 10:20 [0 comments]

If I was Mandela I would...

If I was Nelson Mandela I would give every child a better education and no one will sufer so that every one would make their own dream come true and show their talents bye doing something tht the love doing. And wht I like is that I would make people go to bed with something in their tummies. and then they go to school they will go with something in their tummies as well and make sure tht no one will sufer from rape, abuse and all the other things.

Everyone who do something that is against the law will be punished and no child will get pregnant under the age of 25, you do there won't be any gratmoney.
Those who do no good (like kill someone for no good reason) will be punished and go to jail maybe for 5years.

By: Zintle Tikise on October 31st 2014 08:15 [0 comments]

If I was Mandela I would...

If I was Mandela I would make sure the children of SA have a better education tht will lead them far in life with good skills. I would make sure that nobody goes to bed without food. I would make sure the children and peple have the best medical care. The elderly receives grant money to support their families, the orphans have a place to stay and receive a good education, people who go through bad times like being raped or robbed receive counselling and they they come to terms with what happened. The disable people get jobs and are paid good salaries. The youth of SA should get jobs according to their amoint of skills. All people should receive the same treatment no racism, sexism and lastly no nepotism. there should be no bail for people who commit crime I mean any type of crime. when people have an emergency the people should no be charged cellphone charges.

I mean it must not be a must that people must have airtime to call the police, ambulance or any kind of emergency help lines.

By: Nosiphiwe Nabo on October 31st 2014 08:12 [0 comments]

if i was mandela i would...

If I was Nelson Mandela I would change people's life build houses for everyone make sure that each child goes to school and that they have good education.I would make sure that the children have a transport that takes them to school and that they are at school on time.I would make sure that everyone gets a grant even a disability grant so that they could buy food and have something in their tummies.I would make sure that rape stops and those rape perpetrators rot in jail.

I would make sure that drugs are band and those who sell drugs should rot in jail and drug addicts go to rehab and make peace with everyone.I would even build an ophanange house for children without parents and hire people to look after those children.I'll even build a old age home for the old people.

By: Siphosile Mzalazala on October 31st 2014 08:14 [0 comments]

If I was Mandela I would...

I would change South Africa by building more house for the poor people .In my country I would provide food for all the schools that are poor and provide job for the people .I could treat people the same and provide field for all sport .The school fees would be cheaper .

By: HLOYI ANELE on November 3rd 2014 03:38 [0 comments]

If I was Mandela I would....

If I was Mandela, I would…

stop the people by sending the children to buy cigarette to shop and

telling the owner of the shop stop selling drugs to person under the age of eighteen.

Stop selling the alcohol to young stars.

By: Simnikiwe Mooi on October 31st 2014 10:46 [0 comments]

If I was Mandela I would....

If I was Mandela I would……

Like to change everything in this country like crimes

And I just want our can anywhere if they want to go to town they must go

Now some of other things have change but not all of it crimes here in this country but

I like to say R.I.P TATA you fight for us

You gave us freedom

By: Mentjies Asemahle on October 31st 2014 10:49 [0 comments]

If I was Mandela I would.....

If I was Mandela I would stop corruption and help POOR PEOPLE and give people jobs so that they can help their children or parents and corruption is very dangerous outside.nelson mandela if they are alive they would stop those it is dangerouse and gave people the things that they dont have and im sure to that. NELSON MANDELA it was the man that dont give up for their people and if i was really mandela i would change everything that is corrupt.

By: Asiphesona July on October 31st 2014 10:23 [0 comments]

If i was Nelson Mandela I would


I would bring love and peace to people who hate each other (example between whites and blacks).I would teach people how to be the presindent of south africa so they can be the presindent too.If iwas nelson mandela people they will be rich like other not to be poor..Rest in peace tata NELSON RHOLIHLAHLA MANDELA i feel sorry for you tata

By: Zikhons Mahlakohlaka on October 28th 2014 12:09 [0 comments]

if I was Nelson Mandela

IF I was Nelson Mandela i would change my world .I was going to build houses for people .I will give them grant they will be able to buy food for there selfs.I will be make sure that in my cauntry they get everything they need.I will make sure that in every school they do sport to keep there bodys strong and healthy.
I dont want anyone to disrespect others because we are al

By: Mpiyawe Azizipho on October 28th 2014 12:28 [0 comments]

if i was nelson mandela



By: Bronwyne Smith on October 31st 2014 08:16 [0 comments]

if I was Nelson Mandela I would.....

I I was Nelson Mandela I would do what he did, love my family and other family, make something special for them and other people of this country so that they will be proud of me and add other thing like: Taking care of street kids, giving them homes with parents, schools and food. Tell the whites to give the blacks what they owned in the past. Tell people that are equal it doesn’t meter if they are blacks, whites or coloured ,they are still the same people and they must not forget that they are made by GOD but with different colours.

I would change South Africa to be the new place with peace and love and when it is Public Holiday I would like people to meet somewhere, like people of grahamstown meet each other at one place or people or and other province to do the same and celebrate even if I am not in that place they will meet without me

By: Siwoxo Likho on October 28th 2014 12:16 [0 comments]

if I was nelson Mandela I woud

The nelson mandela was the if see well you there to the give becouese the opplican was if like to help people the was important to for delicate you applise from many the befor you hew rhewe geve thing in we are all many to take if people every to like cammunity to we give we sea manty well can him sethe oppesani clan you for givese elicawa she licappte four there wind vett to cammunity out different things good well rhem cliame can ran defferent conury eff to to like you befor she was diea in oppese dikuvuyela kuba ugu tata wery ferry about deffowe

what you many see give opplican jake in some poelpe can well see give to we you are like we all became in you delican to the weth manyou become deoppese to dewe mean oppese beme four the children the thewe you as many opple weth it was well the defferent well.t

By: Plaatjies Ntombozuko on October 28th 2014 12:17 [0 comments]

If I was Nelson Mandela I would...

If I was Nelson Mandela I would like to do something special for my family and my supporters of being a president. I would like to leave one of my childrens with my work to be a president and I would like to do that so early before I die and leave then. I also would like to do something for those people who were worried about me when I was in Robern Island or let me say all of people who were still alive that piriod of time. I would also like to do something for little people although they were not yet born that time but they heard about me in their studies and some of them they were worried when they heard that. Some learners heard that when they were not studying when they were still young and not at the age of school and I am so worried of that. I would'nt like to show childrens that I am sick although most children like to watch television then they see how sick I am and how bad I am. And I know how they will feel and some of them will not concentrate in the class room.

I would like all of children who did'nt see me for their life to see me face to face before I die so that they can believe what their teachers tell them in the history classes. And they must play their role when they are still young so that they have a future and they can be famous such as me. I would like to share my real life with them so that those who had dreams of being a president can know how hard the president work is..

By: Nqola Sihle on October 28th 2014 12:09 [0 comments]

If I was Nelson Mandela I would...

If i was Nelson Mandela i would do the same things that he did for the whole world,such as helping those who are poor,fighting for our rights but then we all know that the icon of the world is no longer with us and we have to honour that.Nelson Mandela was a men of digtnity and he was an honest men in front of all people.

Nelson Mandela is a thruly men is Mzansi and he will stand for his people's rights.People liked working with Tata Nelson Mandela just to honour him and he loved his people.We all stand for our chances at believing the icon of the world because we all have our wishes and a portion of believing whatever he says in front of people.I do believe that he made peace in the worldbut not all of the world what i'm trying to say is he will always concuer the world and honour it.If we want to be like him we have to follow our dreams and do the right thing.I would like to be an axample to people and be a women of the nation but then jump to level,we have to finish studys and concuer the world by helping those who are not gifted and even those who are poor.I would like to axactly like him..

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If I was Nelson Mandela I would...



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If i was Nelson Mandela i would....

If i was Nelson Mandela i would make a change here in Africa.If i was him i would just create peace and love there is nothing bigger than these things.I would go all around the world telling people what peace means...And even help people who are suffering and dying i would just take them to the private hospital without costing them any cent.I would say Nelson Mandela was our God on Earth.If i were him i would fight for my people as he did.I compare him with God.He did the same things god did(e.g)god was cruisified for his people and Mandela was put in jail for his people.There are people around the world who are living in poverty if I were him i would make donation for those people and the kids are dying.I would make donation to build shelters and go to different schools giving hem clothing and food.I go to Iraq to make peace and to stop the fights.I would fieel hournarable to spread peace all over the globe and to be known well and respected.

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If I was Nelson Mandela i would.....

if i was nelson Mandela i would teach my country to live together in peace and love one another.I would teach my youth and learners the imortance education and education would be compousary to all people and free nomatterc the colour of skin,nomatter the race you are from because education is the key to succes and everyone needs education in order to succeed in future.if i was Nelson Mandela i would be a role model to my fellow citicens by leading them by example, i would be a leader who leads his people through kindness,genorosity,respect,empathy and compasion.iwould teach peaple in my country to stay away from corruption and crime because it damages our country.

So if i was Nelson Mandela South Africa would be a better place to stay.

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if i was neslson mandela i would

If i was nelson mandela i was going to be happy.Because he has done i lot of things in South African freedom fight.Mandela is the men that i will never forgot what he have done to this country.Mandela is the men who will have good son.I will like to now the first born of TATA mandela.He will stand for what he has done he is the king of king if we remeber the song that sad nelson Mandela tata mandela the father of the nation there is now like you the is now
one like you nelson Mandela.

In 1994 in South African we vote for freedom Mandela was form of ANC the we mean African natinal

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if was Nelson Mandela I would...

if was mandela does not charge the countrie black and white figth for blacks for the freedom so can black and white make the somethings if the black people want going to learn in town shehe must go to find a school in town and now blacks and white work together so its like that and we must push on for thisi remember another movie said long walk to freedom that movie teach us something that was in doing in past

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The leader of south africa who had big dreams,who is now sick at pretoria hospital,we wish him a speedy recovery,because he is the one who fought for our freedom during the apartheid era and the duration of separation.He spent most of his life in jail at cape town robben island,and as soon as he was released he became the first black president.

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Mandela If I were Mandela I would make
South Africa a better place like helping poor people get food, houses and provide food for them. I would make South Africa a rich place by employing people for many jobs that will give them a good salary so that they can feed their families. I would make sure that every government school has good and many teachers because education is the key to success. I would make two political parties so that it can be easy for people to vote when election day come. I would say to SAPS the police service to hire more police people so that the crime rate can go down because crime rate is caused by poverty so police will stop this crime rate that is happening in our place. I would create soccer, rugby, tennis, netball and volleyball fields so that teenagers will not get into trouble such drinking, smoking and doing illegal things that will get them to jail. I would build parks for junior children so that they can play and not hurt themselves in their environment because some of them play in dump sites and that is not healthy at all. I would make South Africa a good

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