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Health project topic suggestions

tasks for today (24/05)
  • choose your topic
  • research about your topic
  • answer the questions down below
  • if you're done already: start writing a structure

1. Health and Money

Does healthy food require more money? Is it easier to keep healthy if you are wealthy?


2. Stress

  • What are the factors that contribute to stress in young people and how does it affect their health?

    • What causes stress?

    • What are the causes for young people specifically?

    • How does stress affect your health?

    • How do you avoid being stressed out?


3. Water shortages and water quality

  • · Water shortages and water quality in Grahamstown – how does it affect people's health?

    o What is the current water situation in Grahamstown?

    o What are the causes for water scarcity?

    o How are the effects on people’s health?

    o How is your personal experience with the Grahamstown water supply?


4. Suicide

How can you detect that someone is suicidal and what can friends, family and professionals do to prevent them from committing suicide?


5. Obesity

  • Why is obesity on a the rise among young people in South Africa? What can done be prevent the number of obese people from increasing?

    • What is obesity?

    • Which effects does obesity have on people’s bodys?

    • How many people suffer from obesity in South Africa?

    • How do you prevent obesity?


6. new infections of HIV

How can new infections of HIV among young people in Grahamstown be reduced?


7. eating disorders


8. live with HIV

  • What can be done to help people living with HIV live healthy and productive lives?

    • Shortly: What is HIV/AIDS?

    • Can you explain what the HIV “stigma” is?

    • What should you do to live healthily with HIV?


9. Unemployment & sicknesses


10. Soft drinks

Why do young people consume more soft drinks than before? Do companies producing these drinks play a role in making young people drink more of them? Do you think the sugar tax which has been proposed by the government will

because people likes soft driks maybe soft drinks it helps young people
because young people like soft drinks because of the sugar,that sugar make them want more .to make them energy but they don't see that it is make fat


11. Vegetarian diet

  • Is it healthier to be vegetarian than to be a meat-eater? Or is the opposite the case?

    • What is a vegetarian diet?

    • What is the effect of a vegetarian diet on blood pressure, the risk of getting diabetes, cancer, heart attacks?

    • Are there differences in how healthy different vegetarian diets can be?


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