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about awareNet

Welcome to awareNet

awareNet is an international inclusive social network of learners. It is open to all school-going people. is hosted in South Africa thanks to the Rhodes University CoE.
awareNet is hosted in the Amazon Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2) thanks to neofonie GmbH.
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awareNet is also social networking software for schools, developed by eKhaya ICT in cooperation with the Village Scribe Association to enhance literacy and computer literacy in South Africa and to improve information flow and awareness nationally and internationally.

It allows the creation of student communities in a safe, rich environment that spans the digital divide.  It is free, open source software which anyone can use, change and redistribute.  Its features follow our goals of education and learner collaboration, expanding young people's worlds beyond the confines of their local communities.  These features are:

  • social network with profiles, status updates, notifications, etc
  • collaborative projects to encourage teamwork
  • discussion forums
  • blogging and blog aggregation
  • personal and syndicated picture galleries
  • instant messaging (chat)
  • user messaging (mail)
  • image and file management
  • shared calendaring

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