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Fikizolo Primary School

Fikizolo Primary  School was originally St. Phillips Mission School.It got its name like this:The congregation had been promised a priest from England and they waited for him to arrive.When at lest he did, they arranged a ceremony to welcome him and asked him to say a few words to his congregation. "Ndifikizolo" meaning just arrived yesterday. However, many months later, he still telling people, that 'Ndifikizolo', hence his nickname.

'Ndifikizolo'  is reputated to have starterd the first rugby team in South Africa. They were called the White Roses and used to practice on the open space just below and to the right of St. Phillips' still known today as 'EGreenini'. The space is still used for important meetings in the township.

By: Nomfuneko Nancy Singata on December 2nd 2010 11:05 [0 comments]


Friends,let me share something with you.

Today we are living in the world where everything is easy because of the technology. Life is so fast, the world has wonderful things on it. We are moving fast, busy preparing our things, which makes us feel happy, tired, sick,angry and even killing our selves by working over. We are busy studying, seeking for better jobs to earn more money.  Sometimes we do these things forgetting about our love ones even about ourselves.

We do all these things just to gain money, happiness, wealth,and become popular. Others do get all these things I've already mentioned above but they do not seem happy anyway. Go and visit their homes, you'll see long, strong,huge fences surrounded their homes. They even wasting lots of their money they worked so hard to get it by hiring security companies, strong and tough men, big and cruel animals to protect them day out and day in.  My friend what does this tell you? Are they happy? Ei, I dont know, what do you think?

Folks, what I'm trying to draw here, is the huge and everlasting wealth. We can get this free of charge, even if I never see the school's doors. The wealth I'm talking about don't want me to go and wash, buy new and fancy clothes, explore the whole world. No no! I don't have to sell anthing, selling myself and my family, oh no! I must just give my entire body to my CREATOR, He is the one who is going to give me what is suitable for me. Remember folks 'mosi' all the mineral resources, natural resources, animals big and small, earth, heavens and water are from Him.

So folks lets not waste the precious time looking for the earthly kingdom. Lets seek first His love and have faith on Him and lets see what is it that He restores for us. He's there waiting for us.

Tick-tock.....TIME IS UP!!! 


By: Nomfuneko Nancy Singata on April 26th 2010 12:51 [0 comments]

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Friends,let me share something with you.Today we are living in the world where everything is easy because of the technology. Life is so fast, the world has wonderful things on it. We are moving fast, busy preparing our things, which makes us feel happy, tired, sick,angry and even killing our selves ...
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